Global Cooling

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bergen, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. There have been a series of mini-Ice Ages over the last 1000 years:-

    Wolfe Minimum

    Sporer Minimum

    Maunder Minimum

    Dalton Minimum [Napoleon's downfall at Moscow where only 30,000 of his 600,000 troops survived]

    Kristen Minimum

    These minimums coincide with drastically reduced sunspot activity and in 2005 there was a scientific paper written that predicted a downward trend in sunspot activity.

    The paper was based on the research of a pair of astronomers from the National Solar Observatory (NSO) at Kitt Peak in Tucson, Arizona but it was ridiculed after it was released and denied publication [it was too controversial].

    It now looks like the predicted decrease in the sun's output is happening and the Earth may be on the cusp of another Minimum.

    Keep those mittens handy :wink:

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Bergs, your so off message.

    Global Warming was the new buzz word for raising taxes until, er, well it wasn't getting any warmer. So the new God is "Climate change" this new buzz word is really neat because it covers all weather changes and keeps a constant reason to tax everyone for being really really naughty to the poor world.
  3. It is interesting to see that there are a lot of prominent people now querying some of this BS. While there is no doubt that there are some climatic problems, the knee jerk reaction (with suspect US generated data) from our politicos is appalling. Taxing? Why FFS? Drive your car 5 miles less per week- oh yes, big difference. Don't eat meat every day 'cos cows fart - oh please!

    It is for the most part, IMHO, a natural cycle. Get used to it! Didn't the North Pole move many moons ago to its current position? Did the dinosaurs drive 4x4s? NO! And why is it all about 'evil' 4x4s?

    Got to lie down now.

    Anticipating incoming, but don't care! :lol:

    PS I have the new style low energy lights in my house, but only because I get more light for less electricity! :D
  4. It's interesting [to me at least] that the Magnetic North Pole is in an accelerating state of shift:-

    NatGeo >

    A complete reversal is possible [it's happened before].

  5. Global warming is cack, it's fcuking freezing in Cornwall 8O
  6. Fcuking Poles...come over here stealing our jobs.
  7. I used to be one of those people who thought man-made climate change was a load of old cack.

    Now I'm thinking there's something to it because in July and August it was pretty mild and wet on the south coast, and the climate has definitely changed - this week it's fvcking freezing! 8O

    I can't think of any other reason it keeps getting cold at this time of the year. Funny thing is, it happened last year too, and the year before that and the year before that . . . . :?
  8. Green Wash, the fookin lot. It was 9c in Angelsey at one time in May this year and it was like that 50 years ago,will probably be like it again next year. Come to think of it, WTF do I keep going back.
    Global Warming / Climate Change my arse.
  9. Our friends the Russians have stated that the emails and data
    obtained from the Climate Change centre in the Uk by dodgy underhand
    means do in fact reveal the books have been cooked . The long term data
    used from various world sites for calculations was selected and not all available data used in computing the given readings of doom .

    Also it seems theres more interest in the spin off from being green and its
    job creation possibilities ---

    As the great man said --you can fool some of the people some of the time

    Climate change --yes its normally cold in Winter in the Uk and hot in
    Australia in December ---no change then.

    G, :fish:
  10. I'm totally drunk, and if I wasn't I wouldn't be replying to this thread in such an abrupt manner, but human caused global climate change is a fact. It's not some con dreamt up by green minged hippies to stop you driving 3lt cars!

    Science is not infallible, and this is one of the tenets of science, but in order to put down a scientific argument you must prove that the current view is incorrect using a peer reviewed paper. Until such time as this happens all of you ignorant cretins can continue to bask in your ignorance if it makes you feel any better.

    I personally don't recycle or attempt to save energy, but it's not because I dismiss man-made global climate change,it's because I'm a selfish arsehole.
  11. Global warming is a load of bollocks it has happened before and will happen again at some point in time .Its the nature of the world.I recyle everything i can have done for many years and always will (there is money in sometimes) :)
  12. It does make me feel better actually. It's Saturday morning, we're just off to Fareham and we're leaving the heating on, the Christmas Tree lights, the TV, the house lights . . . :p
  13. Just humans might have a tiny nigh fcuk all impact on the heat of the planet but the idea that if we all lived on tofu and in caves the world wouldn't change is utter shite. Antarctica used to have rainforests on it, the Sahara was a tropical lagoon ten million years ago and only turned into a desert about 13,000 years ago and people lived on Dogger Bank as recently as 7,000BC. So unless Neolithic man was burning a shed load of fossil fuels you might just have to side with the argument that Earth is always in flux and considering its been around for four billion years and the weather records used to support manmade climate change only go back 250 years (and thats only in Europe) make me take it would a bathful of salt. However I do support renewable energy simply so that we have energy security and don't have to rely on those headcases in the Middle East and Russia. Lecture over.
  14. The wonders of posting drunk... I'm actually quite impressed with the level of spelling I pulled off having spent 11hrs in a free bar!

    I'm willing to give the counter argument to each point raised in this thread against global climate change, if anyone is interested? Since my head is currently spinning and I might have to have a bucket within reaching distance for the rest of the morning, I might copy and paste the work of others if it's suitable rather than rewrite it myself.

    Before I begin, you can do a lot worse than watching this very good series of videos:

    I'll start with the first post, if I may?

    As supplier of almost all the energy in Earth's climate, the sun certainly has a strong influence on climate change. Consequently there have been many studies examining the link between solar variations and global temperatures.

    The correlation between solar activity and temperature
    The most commonly cited study by skeptics is a study by scientists from Finland and Germany that finds the sun has been more active in the last 60 years than anytime in the past 1150 years (Usoskin 2005). They also found temperatures closely correlate to solar activity.

    However, a crucial finding of the study was the correlation between solar activity and temperature ended around 1975. At that point, temperatures rose while solar activity stayed level. This led them to conclude "during these last 30 years the solar total irradiance, solar UV irradiance and cosmic ray flux has not shown any significant secular trend, so that at least this most recent warming episode must have another source."

    In other words, the study most quoted by skeptics actually concluded the sun can't be causing global warming. Ironically, the evidence that establishes the sun's close correlation with the Earth's temperature in the past also establishes it's blamelessness for global warming today.

    For more information, and a multitude of academic sources, have a glance here:

    This is how the scientific method works. Papers are subjected to peer review by experts in the field. If this step didn't happen, I could publish a paper stating that the moon was made of green cheese.
  15. Really ?, so the fact that the earths orbit is slowly drawing it closer to the sun has no bearing then ?,
  16. The position of the earth in relation to the sun is not important in these findings because they use a measure of the radiation from the sun reaching earth. This measure is called Total Solar Irradiance (TSI). If we are closer to the sun the TSI goes up, and further away means the TSI goes down. The data used in these studies therefore include both the effects of increased solar emmisions and a closer earth proximity to the sun. The earth naturally moves closer to and further away from the sun on a kind of wobbling orbit and the output of the sun naturally cycles up and down over a period of about 11 years.

    As a point of interest, the earth will inevitably be engulfed by the sun in the future, barring the application of some Red Dwarf style cosmic pool games, but we've got about 6 billion years left so it's not the thing I'm worried about most right now. :p
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    My jury is out. What isn't in doubt is that our resource management sucks. Trees need CO2 and we chop trees down wholesale. People need stuff (food, water, oil, a bit of space) and yet humanity is putting rabbits to shame. Politicians don't have the guts to say what needs to be said and done; manage the population of Earth downwards. Back to the 1900 level will do. Otherwise we are heading for a bigger shafting than the one 12 years of Bliar and Broon have visited upon us.

    Stop chopping down trees (unless replaced one for one allowing for time to grow).

    Rubber up (Pope needs to sign off on that one for the practising Catholics).

    Switch off the Christmas lights.
  19. David Bellamy is a botanist, not a climatologist. He is just about qualified to confirm or deny climate change as I am.

    He can become a climatologist by having a scientific paper about climate change (either for or against) accepted to a peer reviewed journal or conference.

    There are examples of peer reviewed papers that think climate change is not being caused by man. These are good sound papers, and point out some interesting factors in climate change, but the majority of climate scientist do not believe their arguments are strong enough.

    Politicians being arseholes and BBC executives being unfair are not valid reasons for denying climate change.
  20. Well considering Copenhagen seems to have been a complete and utter failure our grandkids will get to find out one way or another.

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