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  1. In 1986 I was fortunate enough to be onboard HMS MANCHESTER as part of the Global Deployment in 1986. On this trip we had a film crew onboard who were making a film of the trip, and the life onboard whilst away. Should have been on the ILLUSTRIOUS but they were delayed by fire.

    We were advised that this film would be out not long after our return some 8 months later. To date I have not seen this film. Can anyone who was on this same trip recollect this, and have any idea what happen to this film.

    Regards, Chris

  2. I don't have the film myself, but I know someone who was on Global 86 so I will ask him when I next see him if he knows anything about the film. Hope this helps.
  3. Funny you should mention that! I was on the "Manch" at the same time - and never heard any more about the film! Good run though! Being the resident "Quack Dr" our paths must have crossed!

  4. Daktari, were the Doc as in Officer, or as in POMA. I do remember the Surg Lt., from Scotland if I recall, spent a lot of time in the MCO to keep out of the way of others.

    I can remember meeting up on a run ashore in Darwin. The venue was the Green Hotel, we were all drinking Martini's, shaken but not stirred. I think we ended up all going to some other hotel for cucumber sandwiches and G&Ts. Very English.

    If it is the POMA, you may remember I ended up with Malaria on our return, and was confined to Weymouth Hospital for a few weeks before returning to the ship.

    Regards, Chris (Way)
    Ex CY


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