Glimpsing SDSR 2015 (blog)

Would be nice if they did build 18 we really need them as was proved last year. I wont hold my breath though. Hope the names are just random good names for this class. Rather than following a pattern again I wont hold my breath.
Interesting blog, I doubt they would build 18, - for a start the man power requirements would be horrendous. I would imagine (money permitting) that an increase from 13 -15 wouldn't be unreasonable. They could be the general purpose varient.


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I can only hope that the PM being told that we had no ship to spare for one of the multinational anti-piracy groups (there are three of them, and our ships are only part time players anyway as they are given other 'Defence Diplomacy' tasks as well while on station) has concentrated minds on how out to a clench the modern RN is.

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