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Does anyone know if there is a Joint Service Gliding Club, or JS Gliding Centre?

I have been in touch with the RN Club in Pompey but without a huge deal of success.


P.S. - I know there is a JS Paragliding centre, its Gliding I am interested in.


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Good luck, Stix. If you crash and become paralysed in a terrible airborne accident, can I have your flip flops?! :thumbleft:

Gonna check out the JSATS programme myself, to see if there is an Uckers Course in Vegas... :cool:
flymo said:
So the club at HMS Deadloss is long gone then?
Good I was getting bills for aerotows 5 years after my last flight. carnt remember those flights or how I got there from on patrol and back again without being noticed :?
First time I ever flew was in a no-engine flying machine courtesy of the gliders of HMS Daedalus. :)

Second time in the air was 28 hours in a RAF VC10 :(


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The gliding I did was at Sembawang airfield, courtesy of the septics. Half a crown a month membership , and half a crown a launch.From 1000ft you could see way up the Malay archipelago, brilliant sight.From memory a T21 trainer, dual seat side by side,open cockpit.
There are 3 RN Gliding clubs, PNGC based at Lee on solent; Yeovilton and Culdrose. All provide very good flying with a combination of Aerotows and winch/being hauled up by a truck with a massive engine. Normally for sailors the first flight is free and there is a good chance of getting a bursary towards flying. The JS Gliding centre is based at RAF Halton. Generally every year there is an international Exped (At the moment either Spain or USA) and the interservices in august. There is also a Navy development week based at PNGC towards the end of summer. All activities are heavily subsidised compared to the Civvy airfields and it's even open to the retired guys.


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Hi, I'm starting BRNC in April, would really love to do some more gliding after the scholarship course I did last year (don't worry I'm not a WAFU :p ). Is it easy enough to do gliding as AT? I know that one week of our 5 weeks summer leave is for AT, can I do gliding? By the way, did you do any spinning or spiral dives? That'll sort out last nights tikka massala!


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:D make sure you try spinning if you can at some point, the gliders at Heron GC can do them I think. What i meant was, can i do the gliding course as AT?
Keep it up, Styx.

I almost made solo at Daedalus (PNCG&SA) myself early in the seventies,(very similar to operating an SSN S/M one-man band :wink: )

But - SWHBO noticed several UK gliding fatalities...... and said "wasn't being in Boats dangerous enough?!!" :roll:

So (mutually) pulled the plug on that sport :cry: ...... Guess it's a lot safer now.

A side benefit, though, was that both of our youngsters learned to ride their first cycles on the spare runways between launches.

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