Glaucoma whilst serving

I’ve recently had an eye test whilst on leave and whilst doing the test for Glaucoma I didn’t meet the required standard. I now have to go back and have eye drops and do the test again. Now my minds doing overtime..... what if? What if....

I know you can’t join with Glaucoma but it does seem like a common eye condition as you get older.

There must be people still serving with Glaucoma and if so does it affect anything?


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I would suggest that having such a condition would mean that there is a question mark based on your suitability for further active service based on medical reasons, so it would be up to a medical board and employability board to decide whether or not you can continue to serve and if so, what type of employment would be open to you. I have been on two medical boards and employability boards and I am still serving albeit in a reduced medical category. It's really a case by case basis and you should be cautious about applying commonality or a like for like principal. Each case is different, and the needs of the RN change and vary as time moves on. I am tested for glaucoma annually as my father had the condition, at present I do not display any symptoms but at least I get a free eye test.

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