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Used to, but not anymore. You used to have be in a set height group, etc, so that you all looked nice and tidy. I think they got wise to people putting in for a full set in about August, and those who suddenly needed glasses around the same time...
future_ET(MES) said:
read on another post that glasses could stop you being used for ceremonial duties. is this true? And why?

Sounds like a windup to me. I'm sure I heard this buzz when I was a young sailor, I wore specs when I was on shore patrol, and when taking part in Guards, and that was in the 60s/70s - but seriously, I do not think the Discrimination rules would allow anybody to be refused taking part in a ceremonial duty.


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I did the November handicaps in the mid 80s. If an establishment sent anyone fat/specky/2 left feet, then they where put into the magazine party.

In these manpower strapped days, I doubt it would make any difference!


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The Royal Navy is an equal opportunities employer. If you happen to be short, fat and specky you can still play a full part in evolutions, including ceremonials.


Did you know that for Winston Churchill's funeral, the gun carriage crew were mainly senior rates dressed in square rig. The majority were gunnery rates and GI's from Whale Island. Just a point of history.
There was a silver gun carriage mess trophy in the SRs mess in Pembroke during the 70s - would this have been a model of this event?


No idea WM, never got to Pembroke. There is also one in the entrance of the SR's Mess in Viccy Barracks. I think that one is for King George and is pure silver, with a name plate for every rating on the carriage.