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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by world000, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. hi i dont "wear" glasses normally but i have to when driving etc and am short sighted a bit but am fine for normal activities.

    anyway, what is the procedure for my weapons training? would i be wearing glasses while on the target range etc?

    thank you.
  2. I was also in your sort of situation. I don't wear glasses normally but wear them when i'm watching tv or reading. I thought this would cause a problem and might need to wear glasses for Raleigh.

    However, when I had my eye test for medical, they said i'm only very very slightly short sighted and that I wouldn't need glasses for Raleigh.
  3. I seem to remember that Joe90 always wore glasses
  4. Glasses are fine to use on the range. Occasionally they can cause a problem if you are very hot as they can steam up a inopportune moments!

    Very small-framed glasses can be a problem because in various firing positions you won't be able to look through the middle of the lens, and if the glasses are too small you'll have the frame getting in the way.

    Generally not a problem.
  5. Or just wear contact lenses like I do.
  6. thank you sir :)
  7. :wink:
  8. I was told by the doctor doing my medical that the navy dont like contact lenses and prefer you to wear your glasses.. is this generally true? I wear contacts every day and hate my glasses because they feel so restrictive for sports and make my field of vision seem so much more limited than with contacts..i'd hate to have to permanently switch to glasses :S

    Anyone know how the continuous wear lenses are viewed by the RN.. ie the lenses that you dont need solutions for, you just wear them all day and sleep in them, then replace them every month.

    Cheers, LL
  9. here is the RN opticians :lol:
  10. Used to wear them in the 80`s when they first came out, told me I shouldnt wear em at sea (Boats) wore em anyway never had any bother. Once out of basic shouldnt be a problem, DONT wear em on fire fighting course in a real fire take em out as soon as poss.
  11. Contact lenses have now been cleared for use in the firefighting sims at Phoenix Topstop, so it appears that contact lenses plus EDBA is go!
  12. Cheers, my info 20 years out of date :(
  13. Scouse, nice Eye Chart in your picture, reminds me of one candidate who was asked if he could read this particular chart:

    W I E C Z
    O R E K S Z
    C Z E P A N S K I

    "Sure, I used to live next door to that guy in Kraków".

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