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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by AfterSSE, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. This is unbelievable, the audacity is incredible.....

    It's a known fact that, some of the worst offenders are Saudi's, also I don't see any Saudi troops in Afghanistan, or for that matter Iraq....

    Leaves me speechless....shouldn't have let him in.... :threaten:
  2. With their record on human rights I do know why he has even been invited, the Saudi royal family are nothing more than an extended bunch of hypocrites
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The sooner the saudis run out of oil and go back to wiping thier arrses with thier left hands the better. fcuking hypocrite.
  4. Isn't it amazing how the wealthy are deemed to be respectable by the British Government?
  5. But it has always been like that, and the more cash you have, especially if you spend some of it with us, the nicer you are. And it's not just our government it is all of them. Putin is nice to the I'madinnerjacket becaus of the cash he spends in Moscow.

    Remeber money makes the world go round, always has, always will and you and I are not going to make a blind bit of differnece to that.
  6. Maxi
    I was being sarcastic.
    As you say it always has been the case and always will be.
  7. They seem to be a bit pissy about some Int they fed us before the London fireworks and reckon we didn't act on it. I suppose if you live inside a totalitarian regime like theirs, it does seem like negligence but, despite all the recent legislation, we can't just throw people in the slammer for a "might be".

    It is unfortunate that these creatures are rich merely by an accident of birth and geology. All the more reason, I suppose, that we take back as much as we possibly can. Whether we do or we don't, they'll still be nasty buggers.
  8. It would be even better if their enemies cut off their right hands so they had to use their left hands for both personal hygiene AND eating! Now that really would be a terrible revenge!
  9. Just read about this for the first time. Love the last bit:

    A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said that the decision to invite King Abdullah was a reflection of the "long-standing friendship" between the two nations.

    What kind of friend comes to visit your house and then accuses you of not doing enough to fight terrorism? Pot meets kettle ... no make that PLANK!! as in "what a ..." Is every country just like the French in terms of memory lapses for those who basically saved their rear ends from a murderous dictator? And, more importantly, why are our politicians incapable of speaking up for us? No wonder we're being used as a door matt by so many.


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