Glasgow to get 2014 Commonwealth Games

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by KLNA-Cessna-Jockey, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. As Glasgow are to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games, only 2 yrs after England host the Olympics, are us south of the border going to be subject to yet another hidden tax to fund Glasgow's fun and games.

    The Olympics is costing shed loads more than planned and no doubt the Glasgow show will go the same way.

    More money out of my bloody pocket in the damn coffers !!

    edited to add link to BBC news story
  2. Oh good!!
    More for us English to pay for!
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why didn t you read the last para of the link you posted!!!!

    "It has been estimated that it will cost the city £288m to stage the sporting event, with most of the funding coming from the Scottish Government"
  4. Ok so 145 million comes from the Scottish "Government".
    Where is the rest coming from?
  5. I did read it - but it says with MOST coming from Scottish Government, which means the rest probably from us, and also, as always, it is almost certainly going to be well over estimated cost.
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Interesting final choice of 2..

    One was a run down city in a backward third world country, and the other was the capital of Nigeria.....
  7. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Honestly, you fcuking wonder why there is such hatred between the Scottish and English, with arrsehole comments like that.

    ...........and for the record Im Scottish (obviously) and dont think the games should be held in Glasgow anyway. Edinburgh is the capital city and its about feckin time people started to realise it.

  9. Class mate!! :worship: :thumright:
  10. Give it to the Jocks, I hope that it brings some much needed regeneration to Glasgow.

    The other cash will no doubt come from the same place where some of the Olympics cash will come from, advertisements, sponsorship etc.

    Best of Luck to Glasgow 2014.

    (And no I'm not joking!)

  11. Splendid news and I hope so.
  12. Edinburgh may be the capital city, but it's shite. Glasgow is much better and friendlier.
  13. .......and you base that opinion on what exactly?
  14. Frequent visits to each of the cities.
    Edinburgh is similar to Inverness, both are interested in one thing, fleecing the tourists.
    Glasgow though the people may be a little rougher (generalising here) they are much more welcoming, I also believe that Glasgow has a superior city centre for shopping and better pubs.
  15. Fleecing the tourists? Considering most of the tourist attractions and scams are run by foreigners, its hardly fair to say the Glasgweigans are more friendly than the people of Edinburgh based on that.

    Shopping - no contest and I agree with you 100%. Pubs - no chance!! Glasgow has a better nightlife in general because its bigger, especially the clubbing scene, but some Edinburgh pubs are fantastic!!

    Slim Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The hills on one side, the ocean on the other. In-between we have castles, the palace, an extinct volcano, the old and new town and one of the most famous streets in the world but to name a few. To say Edinburgh is shite compared to Glasgow because of the shopping and pubs is rather narrow minded dont you think.
  16. Not if you have an accent like mine it isn't mate!! Stands out like tits on a fish and brings unwelcome attention from most quarters.
  17. Nutty Bag
    I can only speak from experience and admit that it is at least a dozen years since working in Scotland. I lived in digs in Kirkaldy and worked in Rosyth dockyard. The people in Kirkaldy were welcoming and I spent many pleasant nights in the pubs and clubs. On the occasions that I ventured into Edinburgh I was not impressed. I also worked in the shipyards in Glasgow, in the main the locals were friendly and the pubs hectic.
  18. Slim next time your in Edinburgh, give me a shout and I will stand you a pint in a decent pub. Then you will see were not all that bad mate!!!
  19. forgive me for being old but the last time the games were give to our northern state was it not BOB (I'll see my Pension fund off) MAXWELL who had to bail the cock up out.

    I fecking dispair that we can go down the same route again.

    Who's pension fund is going to be raided to sort this pigs ear out.

    The jocks CAN NOT DO IT sorry but look at who is leading HAMMOND..FFS I would not let that Twit walk my dog

    Give it to the Afrian states they could make a total cock up,

    Tin Hat on awaiting incoming.

  20. Nutty Bag I am sure that with sufficient knowledge of Edinburgh I would have had much better runs. However I have no problems with the jocks (both my kids are Scots by birth) and I spent many years at RNAS Lossiemouth. Even bought a house in Burghead. As a young sailor many a weekend was lost drinking with the Lossie fishermen, if they had a bad catch my round would come round more frequently then perhaps it should, however if a good catch was had it would be impossible to put your hand in your pocket. Swings and roundabouts.
    Nothing wrong with the Jocks, now the politicians........................

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