Glasgow Evening Times: "Risking it all for a rescue"

I have a keen interest in Gannets SAR unit and would hate to see it close. But I think the writing is on the wall for all military SAR units. I do think the articles hero, Wiggy has timed his career well and will end up remaining a SAR crewman but in a different coloured pair of flying ovies in a different helicopter.

Lt Cdr. Roy Lewis and myself kicked the unit off in the late 80's when 819 was the resident squadron. Roy was the SAR Flt commander and I was selected as his sidekick, (because I wasn't a passive pinger) to get the unit off the ground - literally.

To move from 90 minutes notice for SAR to 15 minutes with dedicated crews was quite a task. It is really great to see what they have achieved over the years.

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