Glasgow car bombings suspect dies in hospital

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Hands up those who are on a hospital waiting list.
  2. It'll save the taxpayers some money now he won't be going to court howver, the police are probable slightly gutted as no doubt they had a question or two for him
  3. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Rot in Purgatory.

    Shame about the lost Int opportunity, as you say.
  4. Ah well, at least they wont need to worry asbout cremating him. Surprised they actually wasted a hospital bed on him
  5. Bury the bastard in a pig skin. RIH (Rot in Hell)

  6. Fcuk burying him, chuck the body out the back of a C130 on the way to iraq and spread his ashes
  7. We can take that as a plea of GUILTY then.

    A result really, saves the cost of an expensive trial and then lengthy term in prison when British subjects around the world could be open to kidnapping in exchange for this man.

  8. Good! May many more terrorists follow.
  9. Good,didnt like the idea of my hard earned being used to keep the fecker alive.At least he's got a head start on the "burning in hell" part.
  10. Home Goals Just love them...
  11. I just hope he was in agony until he breathed his last. I doubt it though, they probably gave the bastard painkillers. Perhaps instead of just burying him they can stick his head on a pole. :angry4:

    (And no, NOT a Polish worker) :pirat:
  12. I heard the Police went to see him every hour and gave him a good thump with a nightstick just to check he was in a coma and not pretending, also it was helping to work out if the pain relief medication was working
  13. Good result in the end then , :thumright: :w00t:
  14. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

    I truly hope he died a horribly painful and miserable death.
  15. pity they couldnt of kept him alive longer and reduced the pain relief - bit of live experimentation, save a few rabbits dont you think

    Bet he is p'd off now he is with Allah, 'no virgins for you matey, you smell like burnt piggy and you got cracklin'
  16. Shame they didnt rub Salt into his wounds!
  17. Pity the others that were involved won't receive the same end result - courtesy of our fine judicial system they'll probably live to a ripe old age and see their children/ grandkids too!!
  18. In the words of a famous film helo officer" I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"
    or perhaps in the words of a song "Burn baby burn"
    No compassion?not in the slightest,anyone who wants to blow up innocent women and children deserves the pain he suffered which I hope was immense.
    I respect all religions but these are warping what is supposed to be a peaceful religion.
    Practice peace and you are welcome,take up arms against the British and you will suffer.
    Guess that's it,Oh except I hope they stop all charged terrorists families benifit as they are not too proud to take that,but we won't.
    soft is not the word for our Government ministers.
  19. How pissed off will he be when he gets to heaven and finds they've run out of virgins. The Mullahs will have to start topping some soon to keep Paradise well stocked for the next numpty who doesn't test his bombs, oopps do you think they'll click on.

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