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Glasgow Bombers named…


War Hero
Police have now confirmed that Singe Majeep and Maheed Sonfayer are helping them with their enquiries.


Lantern Swinger
Irish Terrorist has driven a Skoda into Dublin Airport, What a fcuking Mess, there is Jam, Sponge, Jelly and Icing everywhere


Lantern Swinger
A Muslim has just crashed his car into the Ulley Reservoir in Sheffield.............

Police think its the start of RamaDam..................................................


Lantern Swinger
Liverpool Airport Closed.........

Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport was shut last night after police found a suspicious car. The police said the car was suspicious in that there were no signs of a forced entry and it had a valid tax disc leading them to believe it came from outside the Liverpool area.

Shit it's already been posted, Sorry..............
Apparently Scottish Police are unable to question the badly burned suspect, as according to police sources, "He has already had a good grilling"

Gets hat....


War Hero
23 people have been found glued to the ceiling and walls of a train in Ireland. Police & Security Services believe Irish Muslims have set off the first no more nails bombs
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