Glasgow airport attack

Hi on sky news now a jeep cheroke driven into terminal 1. The car is on fire and witnesses reporting that even when the driver was put out he got back up and tried to stoke the fire further. 1 man arrested so far.
There has also been a controlled explosion at Ibiza airport....
ETA ended its' ceasfire a week or two ago; if this is connected we do not know as yet.
According to ITN 4 were arrested at Glasgow and gas cylinders were recovered from the vehicle. It's more likely to be connected to the London incidents than to ETA's campaign.
Jimmy_Green said:
According to ITN 4 were arrested at Glasgow and gas cylinders were recovered from the vehicle. It's more likely to be connected to the London incidents than to ETA's campaign.
ETA is at least talking to the Spanish goverment ( not I hasten to add in their unique tongue). A language lovely to listen to but more than a little hard to learn. Fantastic place though, absolutely stunning, and by and large the people are the salt of the earth. Donostia aka San Sebastian has one of the highest property values in the country; economic deprivation is not driving this rebellion.
As in Spain so many of the UK dissafected seem to be the citizens of the their own country.


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For those who like their history, Glasgow Airport was once (ca 1959) RNAS Abbotsinch where used FAA planes were sent prior to, perhaps, sale. It was all wooden huts then. It was staffed by nutcases such as the National Service schoolie who used to haunt the tower hooting like an owl until his Met. Wren girlfriend would hear and flick the tower lights on and off as a response.
My OH uses a different forum - and they are saying on there heathrow has been hit- anyone shed any light on this?
Apparently it was on BBC news .............................
No heathrow is fine. Sky were talking to someone from there about diverted planes and he confirmed that apart from a higher alert nothing has happened.
The Security state is now at the highest. It`s only my point of view, but all borders should now be closed to everyone, and all illegal immigrants returned to where they came from immediately, only then will we be able to see the wood for the trees.
Never gonna happen though - is it Hig? Definitely needs some decisive action though. Looks like Admiral West has his work cut out in his new position. At least we know there are capable hands at the wheel.

But how many from the london attacks (7/7) were actually illegals?. It will be interesting to see if those who carried out todays attack were illegals. My bet is they wont be. So i see your comments as purely reactionary. The other problem is the goverment dont actually know where all the illegals are.

I had a comment made to me earlier along the lines of "they should have let him burn and let the people get the hands on them". It takes a little step back to realise that far more can be achieved by keeping them alive with the possible information to be learned.
You miss the point momo, mine is not a knee jerk reaction, its from a common sense attitude, if it were to be, which it wont, then it would be a starting point, yes it would take a long time, I`m quite aware that nobody knows where they all are, so what are you an appeaser? by the time we " Lets wait and see" more damage could happen.We have people in Government and MP`s all over the house of Commons that are appeasers, thats why we are in this mess to-day.
No i am certainly not an apeaser. In other circumstances i may well agree with your point of view, i certainly dont agree with political asylum to those who have passed through safe countries to reach here. I find that those comments though straight after an incident could be misread as a starting point. First its the illegals and then after the next attack, who?.

Should we have cleared the country of the Irish?.
Should we now clear the country of asians as the attackers have been identified to be?.
Remember the anti gay bombings in london?. Well thats all the anti gays cleared out as well then.
There are Terror suspects on the run at Present and the Govt havent a clue where thya are,let alone how many undesireables we have!
higthepig said:
MOMO ok smart arse whats your solution, we have to start somewhere, but you disagree, so tell us all your plan.
How about the people in Britain standing together? The terrorists want to divide us along religious and racial lines. Hig, your comments are playing to their tune. They want people to react as you are. Look at the victums of 7/7, all races and religions were represented.
My comments were quite simple, Close the Borders to everyone, and remove all illegal immigrants ASAP. If that is playing into their hands then i don`t see it that way, yes we should all stand together, and you propose?
Thought the best bit of the SKY coverage was the interview with a civvy onlooker who pointed out to a member of staff that there was a man on fire adjacent to the motor. Obviously this member of staff had seen what had occurred and replied "Let the Bastard burn." I wonder was he an ex matelot, by chance ?

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