Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by xxspikexx, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. whats the best gizzit you ever got ???
  2. I vaguely remember visiting a stonemason's yard on the way back to the Scylla, while in Chatham.
    I say vaguely because I know something happened on the mess run to make the mess square full of stone squirrels and badgers and funerararary urns the following morning.

    There was a great sucking in of breath, and a wondering of what to do with them.

    On the QT, they all failed the float test. They're probably still in the basin to this day!

    On reflection, this would be better off on the rabbit thread. Especially as there was a stone one amongst the collection.
  3. Not MY Gizzit but the one I think was one of THE best during a trip to Chin He (sic) in South Korea SOMEONE brought back to the bottom of the gangway a DONKEY !!! It was tied up to a post and in the forenoon at Both Watches on the flight deck everyone had a bloody good laugh !!!

    NEVER found out exactly WHO brought the poor thing back but the buzz went round that it was nicked from a farm where one of the lads went for a bag off and there was no chance of getting a taxi back onboard.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Not really a gizzit but a Wem on Arethusa climbed a flagpole in Bermuda and snapped it, he was nicked and had to pay for it and to this day I am sure he is proud of the flagpole he "owns" in Bermadoo
    We did also write to Cadburys and said we wanted the sexy rabbit as a mascot, they promptly sent one but we heard little else after taking pics of it with a cap on, a noose round it's neck and various sailors trying to backscuttle it etc.
  5. Lingyai, when were you on Arethusa?
  6. Jan 87 to May 89
  7. Hmm, you may have encountered my father. I don't know when he was onboard though. I was christened in Arethusa's bell :)

    Sorry, back on topic :)
  8. Off topic again - I was in Arethusa from '86 till decommisioning. Remember the Bermadoo trip well - including the hurricane. Many weeks of towed array work out of Ireland Island. Managed to clear a beach of tourists on a banyan. A great trip.
  9. My favourite was from the Gully Gully man whilst transiting the Suez Canal. I swapped a mates bats for a pyramid filled with water, sand and a sphynx. I showed my oppos who all agreed this would win the "gash gizzetts" competition. It was only when I shook it that the sphynx came off and started bobbing around at the top.

    I won!
  10. OT: Ling and soot... My dad was on Arethusa from 85 till 88. Navigator.
  11. Were you in the mess that had that homosexual experience that ended in a slapping and sending off to cells of a killick dabber? I believe that was after a banyan in the Bahamas?
  12. Still off topic. Don't remember the Gay incident but remember the Leading hand from the sailors mess dropping a mess mate with a samson bar in the tiller flat. He got back to the UK before the rest of us.

    On the gizzit front, in Cumberland we managed a stuffed aligator (Mulligan) and an Elvis statue in Balitimore. Diversion created in a pub and said articles returned onboard.

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