Giving the Subs a thought!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Right, I've woke up this morning and read my info sheets yet again. I've read the Subs one and I've actually considered going for that.

    Can any Dolphins shed some light on being a Submariner please?

    I have a couple of questions...

    1) Will you spend longer times at sea? Like in the presentation I remember the Officer saying a Sub goes under the sea at Faslane and doesn't rise for 12 months. Am I right in thinking that I could be under the Ocean for a full year without seeing a single scrap of sunlight?

    2) What sort of facilities are there down below? Do you just finish your shift or whatever it is you do and then stare at metal pipes for the remainder of the evening? Are you allowed to have your own Laptop, iPod or something down there? lol

    3) Are there any websi.... actually that's naive thinking the MOD would post pictures on the internet of there Submarines and technology! - So don't answer that one lol!

    And that's about it!

    Thanks in advance!

    Oh and if I've offended anyone by saying something incorrectly or by not conforming to your 'Naval speak', please by all means have a go because been lambasted quite frequently lately for it! - I.e. I'm used to it :razz:
  2. You will find all you need to know on the Submariners thread.
  3. Cheers mate!

    Bloody hell I never knew there was an entire forum devoted to Subs! - Will give it a look momentarily! :wink:
  4. I don't think they go to sea for 12 months (maybe you misheard him say weeks?) otherwise at the end of the patrol there would be only one submariner left... and a large pile of bones... :wink:
  5. Hahah, nearly wet myself after reading that!

    So you can be under the ocean for 3 months/12 weeks without rising then? Or do you stop off at places?
  6. Creders
    From what submariners have told me, they do not get to very many locations around the globe. When they do though they seem to live in 4* hotels. Also they get so much money that they have to buy wheel barrows to get it to the bank. Many of the boats seem to be dry (no alcohol at sea) but I think that this may be a crew generated thing and probably the reason for the mega PUs they go on when the boat returns.
    When working with submariners (after leaving the RN) I must admit that I did not encounter any that wished to return to a life as a skimmer.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Creddy, Submariners/Submarines (never shortened) are the Gentlemen of the Royal Navy, they rarely drink alcohol, if they do its usually just the odd half of shandy, they never associate with loose women or indulge in unruly acts, unlike those base Skimmers and Airy Fairies.

    Runs ashore nowadays are more limited because of restictions placed on boats by the fact of them being nuclear fuelled.

    There are two sections to the Submarine Service, SSBN and SSK the former would normally spend longer periods at sea in one go than the latter.

    I have been out of the mob for a long time, so hopefully a present day Submariner will come along and correct or update any of the above
  8. Hahaha, the no Alcohol part is fine as I rarely drink myself and even if I do, it's minute amounts!

    It's not the life I'm wondering about, but more the longest you're under the surface without rising!

    Thanks for the advice fellas!

    Always appreciated! :wink:
  9. Just to let you nkow that subs are bread rolls and submarines as called boats! I was completely lambasted by many for saying subs! LOL

    Just thought I would warn you :grin:
  10. Mermaids Motel, Davy Jones, Last Wet, (pub), but to name a couple. :lol: :lol:
  11. lol Point taken! :wink:

    That's a no then? :razz:
  12. Picking up on odd bits and pieces...

    You could be submerged for up to 12 weeks at a time doing something steely-eyed and warrior like, without popping alongside for a hog-snarling run-ashore, but that's not that frequent.

    There aren't any SSKs in the RN, they went when the Upholders were sold to the Canadians. There's now SSNs (although do we call some of them SSGNs?) & SSBNs.
  13. When you say 'Not that frequent' what's the average amount of time you are submerged then? :???:

    Thanks again for your advice Scabz - I've just been reading other stuff on the Submarines board, I never knew of the bloody animosity between 'Skimmer's and 'Sun Dodgers' :shock: and if it is all an act, they should all have OSCARS!
  14. 3 month patrols is what the boats generally do I think, when they are not on some other kind of operation of course. (Don't worry this is public information available on the RN website)
  15. No

    The USians do.

    After the deproliferation agreement they were left with four (I think) surplus SSBNs. They're in the progress of converting those to SSGN which is a more conventional role, SF support and Tomahawk shooter.
  16. Karma, you a 'Sun Dodger' or 'Skimmer'?

    Oh and there's three terms on this website I can't find any info on.

    What does these three mean?;

    Pusser, Matelot and WAFU? :???:
  17. I am a matelot, I've done many things in my career, I have a good understanding of both worlds, as well as a pretty good understanding of how Landrovers are used by our sister services.

    Pusser is generally a reference to the RN, historically it's a reference to the Purser or paymaster. Nowadays a Supply, or Logistics, Officer.

    Matelot is a reference to someone in the mob, I don't know the derivation offhand.

    WAFU is a reference to a Naval Aviatior, Wet And somewhat Useless. Which is wholly unfair.
  18. Right, I got most of that but what's the 'Mob'? - Is that somebody in the Navy?
  19. In terms of a whole career it's similar, in terms of a single draft, again it's about similar. However, in terms of operations it rather depends what typs of boat you're on. Deterrent boats are in a very regular cycle and the boat has two crews; You sail, and you come back. Fleet boats have a less routine cycle and the work they do is extremely interesting (well it is to me), you can spend several months on patrol but you will get a few runs ashore.

    Surface ships spend similar times, if anything marginally longer, on patrol but there are more opportunities for interesting runs ashore. Dubai and Bahrain tend to be faves :(

    When the boat is at sea then personnel generally work a watch routine, it varies according to your trade but in principle it's six on, six off. In your off time you can train, there tend to be rowing machines, stationary bikes etc, and you can listen to music etc. Not sure what the current rules are with respect to laptops.

    In practical terms that's much the same as the surface side. The only benefit is that you can go up top and look at the sea whilst you're listening to your MP3 player. It's very easy to spend your life 'tween decks in the surface flotilla.

    Boats aren't for everyone, they are very professional and personally I'm more inclined towards fleet boats than deterrent boats. I wouldn't recommend one way or the other.
  20. ....“Her Britannic Majesties Imperial Royal Navy†otherwise known as “the Mobâ€


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