giving notice after taking extended career

New to this so thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully reply.

Just wondering if anyone has any information regarding taking extended career and then submitting notice to leave, to clarify can i take extended career and then give my notice at 21 years to recieve my pension or is there a return of service where i have to wait until 22 years and then give a years notice?
Can't speak for any new rules but when I took 2OE I couldn't submit my notice until the 2OE had started i.e. when I was past the 22yr point.
Thanks for the info, had a look in the br before posting the thread and there is lots of info on pvr'ing and discharge shore etc but nothing on extended career and the rules and regs associated, just wanted to find the definitive as its getting to that time where I may be offered ec and it would be good to know that I can still leave after 22.
What to do???? Quite like the idea of having a date set in stone!
Why not use EC as a mechanism to make sure you get out when you choose to, not just because you are time done.

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If you accept an offer of EC you are immediately on the new engagement with the associated later TX date.

If you subsequently decide you wish to leave on your original TX date then you would have to submit notice exactly 12 months before that date.

If it is your intent to leave on your original 22year TX date then consider changing your preferences so you are not a volunteer for EC. That will leave the EC you might get offered for someone who really does want it. Gives you your date that is set in stone!
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