Give us back our children

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ukdaytona, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. OK, nothing to do with the Armed Forces but does anyone else find this whole story rather stomach churning ?

    The Social Services, Drs etc were all happy enough to let the girl fall pregnant, carry the child for 9 months and give birth and then they decide she is not fit to be a mother on grounds of her low IQ.....

    Instead of splitting families up, I thought under Nu NuLabour the powers that be were supposed to be helping those in need not destroying those who cannot fight for themselves.....

    IQ Scores and what they mean -
  2. My IQ is lower than my shoe size. =| :lick:
  3. Disgraceful. If there is any truth in the targets part of this story, those involved should be strung up. No, that wouldn't satisfy the human rights apologists. What am I thinking of?
  4. Of course long ago before IQ came into being and families where run by families and not council appointed prats and respect was shown to your elders or you recieved a clip round the lug hole from the old fella. And as a youngster you called your neighbour Mr and Mrs as a sign of respect not Frank or Irene.

    Was it so long ago??

    Social workers are as useful as a lighthouse in the desert.
  5. This is the Mail speaking the most rabid anti Labour rag there is and there are two sides to every story.
  6. You are correct, the problem is that by banning the TV programme, we will never get both sides becuase Social Services are not accountable for their actions - Government bodies do not need to worry about fcuking up as its not your fault, group hug everyone
  7. Did we read the same report finky, apart from saying that the reforms did not work, there was no attack at all aimed at liebour, this is aimed mainly at the social services, local councils and families courts.

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