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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by dancer, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Firstly, hello, yes i'm a newbie and only just been told of this webiste, brilliant.

    Right, here's my rant... short and sweet...

    The Guzz (CHG) pass office... and the ppl who work there...
    Need i say more...
  2. Yes because I have no fcuking idea what the Guzz CHG pass office is and as a Pompey rating the likelihood of me having ever been there is slim to none.
  3. Camels Head Gate at a guess. The main entrance to the dockyard.
  4. If you mean Camels Head pass office, their motto is "Obtuse at all times"
  5. Yes camels head gate. Had a few bldgs to go to today all over the base and all i get is:
    oh you cant park there coz your not allowed, no not there either coz thats north yard, no again not there coz you have to be booked in for that blah blah blah, i am quite a mellow person but could have easily dragged that bird across the counter by her nostrils. just wondered if it was me or if anybody else finds it a chore to go in there.
  6. The parking police are particularly militant, and it's a pain in the arse getting a pass, but it's much better than Pompey. I worked there in 2005 - had one pass for the Wardroom, one for NELSON and one for the dockyard. Three car passes - still no spaces.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Must've been hell for your chauffeur Doc. :wink:
  8. Oh right, yeah I have been there, yes they are all cnuts to a man.
  9. Back "in the day" Guzz dockyard employed 2 old [email protected] dressed in Traffic Wardens uniform to go round nicking everyone. They always went together and must have fought in the Boer War, they were that old. I think they left their sense of humours out there as well.
  10. Fuck me when I was there the Boer war was still on so no problems encountered.
    In fact the gate staff were only interested in using their under vehicle mirrors to skeg up "Jennies" kilt's. :wink: :D
  11. You never had cars then, it was all horse and cart :wink:
  12. The glass in the mirrors was magnifying glass so the horses bollocks looked humongous.
    No regs fucked about with my pony. :wink: :D :D
  13. Recognise anybody here Rummers? (Clue - Ladysmith)


    Aside - My paternal granddad was a rough rider with the Ox. & Bucks L.I. during that war; where the ponies were transport AND Victuals….

    (He was bedded down one night in a field hospital tent with 12 other injureds.

    On awakening, alone, he inquired ‘Where are all the other patients?â€

    As the answer was “All DD†he rapidly discharged himself and he never set foot in any hospital again - yet he still lasted to the ripe old age of 96. RIP.)
  14. For god's sake Bob, you didn't think that silly disguise of yours and your oppo fooled anyone did you?
    Friggin panto horses stick out a mile and small bollocks as well. :D :D

    Do you think my head scalf suits me, its all I could find. 8O :D

    My paternal Grandfather was also there with the Suffolk Regiment.
  15. ......I was told that there were a few Suffolk Punches there too :wink:

  16. Funny you should bring that up, I got punched in Suffolk two years ago, had to give the fcuker the "Nod" to get him off me. :twisted: :wink:
  17. 2 chuffin visits in 1 day to that office, although the 2nd time round was excellent, no waiting and even chatted to a different bird (worth a squirt)that served me (ex-forces chick - she sympathised).
  18. Sorry dancer I'm guilty as charged to being 'old' so can you explain to a very old EX submariner what 'ppl' stands for and your phrase 'worth a squirt' please?
    Back in the 'good old days' well thats what they said they were when Raleigh had his canoe parked in south yard the only people on the gate were dockyard coppers whose only interest was how many fags you had secreted away about your person.
  19. Poly

    ppl is shorthand for people.

    "Worth a squirt" means that, err, he would be more than happy to err, favour her with his attentions ...........
  20. I love you Soleil :lol: :lol:

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