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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sharkey, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. Thats my last pack gone, are these coupons still valid

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  2. Coupons in 1977.
    You was either a fresh water sailor or a Barrack stanchion.
    Fuckin OD.
    Still a great flash from the past though.:thumbup:
  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    'Tipped' ? I used to have the half pound tin of 'tickler'.

  4. How can anyone ever forget the aroma of that golden virginia baccy when you used that little arrowhead cutter to open up the tin, those were the days when we were MOD sponsored smokers.
  5. Were these the cigarettes that were mostly filter??

  6. These must have been my last issue as I went to Vicky barracks for release in Aug 77, got there threw my grip on a bunk in the stables and went up the bar for a swally, me and this big bugger 6 and a hal ffeet and 18 stone were the only ones in the place, Jenny wren comes in all lipstick powder and paint ready for a run ashore, the big bugger has on a shirt and tie, blue blazer, grey slacks, polished shoes and regulation haircut, the badge on the blazer is a cannon so I reckon field gun, he greets JW like long lost pal, she’s waiting for boyfriend, punks are still in fashion and this little rat faced fcuker strolls in, zips, studs, rips, spiked hair the ish, he stands next to field gun who glares at him and asks what the fcuk do you want,JW says this is boyfriend, field gun, says, this scruffy little cnut is your boyfriend, he leans closer to sid snot, you fcuking little scran bag, sid’s getting whiter by the second and JW who looks like she is trying to swallow a snooker ball is tugging at his arm in the direction of the door, they exit sharpish, field gun becomes aware of me pissing myself and looks over, fcuk me he says and as he turns to attend to his pint I hear him mutter, roll on my fcking time, well mine had.
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  7. Or stick your tickler on a rag, pour the dregs of the rum keg, scrounged from tanky, over it, open the strands of a rope hang and twist rope, then allow to dry a tad.
    Roll ups extraordinaire
  8. Still got a few tickler tins filled with odd nuts and bolts in the garage. No pusser's workshop was complete without tickler tins full of odds and sods.
  9. Got myself a RN blue liner phone cover from Forever Jack.
    My oppo's think I've started smoking again!
    My last DO still owes me 600 DF's he 'borrowed' off me when he went on leave. He forgot to mention it was leave and draft!!
  10. I'm sure his lungs/heart still remember you, Rod !
  11. If your phone looks the size of a packet of fags, dont drop the fucker on your foot.
    Is it a BT brick?
  12. Blue liners actually improved you breathing, they were packed that tight you needed lungs like bellows to smoke em
  13. Stop bitching they were 8/- for 3 hundred what do you want blood.
  14. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The fruity aroma of a 'prick' of tobacco.
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  15. :eek:mg: TIPPED! :scratch:

    Hermer? :wink:
  16. They must have gone up after I packed up smoking.:smile:

  17. Compared to the Ruski tabs we were offered by our Soviet oppos in Wilhemshaven pussers don't come close, half as thick again as a Capstan Full Strength, twas like smokin waccy baccy.
  18. No, iPhone 4
  19. Should you be on here?
    All your mates are at work trying to figure out how to stop killing the patients ain't they.
    I'm fuckin never coming within an ambulance ride of that slaughter house.
    You can't make me.:D
  20. Seem to remember there were two types of blue-liners, those made by Sobranie and those by BAT, the Sobranie being considered the better of the two. When on leave, in the local, everyone one wanted a genuine blue-liner lol .

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