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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by brazenhussy, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. hi everyone, thought id just say hi and happy new year!!
  2. Hi hussy, hows tricks?

    Oh I love that name, hussy, mmmmmmm !!
  3. Welcome Brazen, I am one of the resident, tree hugging liberal twats that keep the site sane and out of the clutches of Gengis Khan and his mob. We are very friendly but banter is a strong point around these parts.

    I quote you

    "has anyone noticed how many of the old "drinking holes have gone or changed into poncey wine bar type bars?

    the Albany - closed
    The Cornerhouse - gone!
    The PR - bless, fond memories!
    and of course...................................Joanna's - naval school of dancing -
    a complete s**t hole - but such memories! bloody good giggles had in there!"

    If you frequented all these places you must have a bit of history tease us with a confession or two.

  4. Oops you are getting some of them a trifle over exited now.

  5. hi nutty,
    history eh?
    original volunteer for sea way back in 91 - then one of the first 18 chicks to join hms brazen - after that it was downhill all the way!
    Never tx to the OM branch - stayed as a killick RP- bless!!
    now just stagnating in pompey DY!
    best draft?? good old L10 - or fearless to everyone else!!
  6. I joined the Brazen in 92ish
  7. I joined the Brazen at the end of '87, left in '90
  8. left brazen just b4 it deployed to falklands, and some donut decided to run it aground!!
  9. yeah, was onboard for that
    you DO know it was a woman driving, don't you?
  10. hahahahaha!!! yeah!! under the direction of a bloke!!!!!!!
  11. nope, she completely dis-regarded the Chilean Pilot. Thought she knew better obviously ;)
  12. oops!!!!!!!!!
    well at least u got longer ashore- see women - always thinking of others!!!!!!!!
  13. I must admit that the month in dry-dock in Chile was lovely!!
    Nearest town was called "Conception", you can guess what THAT was like!!!
  14. nice little place then huh??or NOT!!!!!!!!
  15. Hi BrazenHussy

    Welcoms to RR!!
  16. It was quite nice to be honest. The Chilean Dockies definately put British dockies to shame though!!
  17. Welcome to RR Brazen. It looks as if you're going to fit in with the natives jsut fine. :wink:

  18. Hi Barzen, enjoy the madness of RR.
  19. Named yourself after Andy's whirlychopper have you?

    Was he onboard with you?

    You're not Selina Scott are you?

    God I'm getting old!!
  20. Hello Hussy xx

    Did you make it onto the Mighty Sausage? Say 95 - 97 ?


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