Girlfriend in the navy

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by prospect, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. Before you ask, yes I have seen the other threads on this subject but thought it best that I start a fresh one for my situation.

    I leave for Dartmouth on the 13th September. Some girl I've known through college basically declared her undying love for me a couple of weeks ago and I pushed her off because of the Navy.

    My question is should I go for it, so I have something to go back to, stay single and get a girl in every port, or, dare I say it, both?

    I do like her, and she really does want a relationship but she doesn't seem to understand why 6-9 months away is a problem, and compares it to university (silly girl).

    Any way, I'd just like a different perspective than that of my Neanderthal friends :wink:
  2. Good God - they keep coming don't they?
  3. Indeed they do, but I'm sure you can appreciate the benefits of having someone to come back to :wink:
  4. Where you live should be considered a port. Keep her on for the rare trips home, and as an email clout picture provider.
  5. Man up I say and grow some
  6. I like your thinking Jonno,

    and I'll bear that in mind Tommo, thanks for the advice.
  7. Slushy response:

    If she truly loves you and you love her, then she'll understand, and you'll have a fully satisfying lifetime relationship. :pukeright:

    Pragmatic response:

    If she can't understand now, she'll never understand and it won't even last to your passing out.

    It's not like you're in a hurry so keep her on the back burner and see how it pans out through BRNC, Fleet Time etc.

    And for god's sake, don't even think about binning the Navy for her - you'll regret it forever!
  8. I disagree TD. I think he should certainly bin the idea of joining the Navy.

    The big girl.
  9. Fcuk her off and go whoring. Or better yet keep her and go whoring. After all as soon as you go to another country you are technically single again.
  10. :thumbright:

    That's the spirit!
  11. I think it depends on what she looks like.

    I suggest posting a phot so we can provide sensible and constructive advice.
  12. That's probably the best advice.

    What goes on deployment stays on deployment!
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    How can we make an informed opinion without seeing a pic.
  14. She's not anything outstanding but she's definitely acceptable. She fits nicely into the category of good enough to keep, but not good enough for me not to go whoring. Also, just to clarify, you would have to be Beyonce for me to give up on the Navy, and even then, I think I find the Type 45s far more attractive.

    I won't satisfy any of your lesser indulgences by posting a picture, you will have to be content with the satisfaction that you have helped out a fellow man.

    Thank you to Daffy, I like your idea best. :wink:

    Cheers guys.
  15. 'Prepared to accept second best? If so, join the Navy'

    You are a pin-up for the senior service, you slack-jawed cop out.
  16. I'm a harsh marker, and its all tactics...

    7/10 at home leaves more incentive to go out marauding the local females on a run ashore than a 10/10 does.
  17. It's quite simple really, just do what most matelots do:

    Start going out with the chick, you'll need something to route when you go weekenders. I notice you are joining as an officer, if she is of suitable breeding and won't be an embarrassment, she'll come in handy for the odd cocktail party/ball etc. This will prevent the last minute rush of trying to spruce up an attractive female JR to speak properly, when you inevitably find that all the suitable girls with names like Hermione and Chlamydia are already taken.

    When you deploy, it's worth keeping the bird on the go, you'll enjoy the attention and if she sends you filthy phots then it will help pass the time. The downside is that she will expect you to phone her, this can be avoided with outlandish lies about 'operational security' and 'radar interference.' Clearly what happens on deployment stays on deployment and whoring it and going on the trap are clearly acceptable pass times, she'll never find out.

    After a few years of this, she will either get bored and fcuk off with a civvy or she will want to marry you, in which case just continue as above but spend more time standing next to radar aerials, this will prevent any unwanted children.

  18. 'She's not anything outstanding but she's definitely acceptable. She fits nicely into the category of good enough to keep'

    And so does a Ford Fiesta mate :roll:
  19. Keep her as something to come back to...
    & forget about her as soon as you jump off for shore leave!

    I like to call it the Hovis method- Best of Both!
  20. Quite simple really, your going to have a lot on your plate for the next couple of years, so just give it to her straight. You need someone to spaff some muck up whenever you get the chance, and maybe just maybe there might be something a bit more romantic in it for her eventualy. So tell her thats the story, take it or leave it and while your thinking about it get your pins parted.

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