Girl guides to 'get wise' about sex

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Wonder if they want any Guest Speakers???/
  2. Who are they kidding? They know more about it than Dr Kinsey.
  3. Wonder if they can now get badges for

    1. Cocktail Hostess
    2. Clap Clinic Visitor

    Please feel free to add to badge list
  4. Fortunately, I had a hard one! Ah, nostalgia.
  5. Lost V-badge?

    My little step-sister's a Guide, getting to be a Young Leader, and she's just got a boyfriend. Hnnnrrrrr! Must resist urge to interrogate. I'm sure he's a lovley lad.
  6. Can i interrogate you snappers??
  7. No need for the interogation. Just check her uniform and see if she is wearing any of the new badges!
  8. Go ahead, but i warn you- i crack easily. It'd be no fun.

    Oh, Nutty_bag, i had three new uniforms today! A year it took!
  9. Ah but what badges have you got for them?
  10. I've got a "100% English" badge on one uniform. I was awarded it for being, er, English.
  11. Nice.

    We only get 2 pairs of trousers so if some scroat decides to bleed over me i'm knackered really. Interogation....ooooooooo you little minx
  12. I couldn't believe my luck i had three (three!!) new tops! They're weird though, they pull over your head instead of zipping all the way down. Hmm.
  13. I should hold on to it!!!Its gonna be real rare soon!!!! :? :? :?

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