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Right, is it just me, or is there a some strange cosmic force that makes me what to bum a redhead al a faye reagan, more and more everyday?


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Hmm, I tried not to think about it - and am certainly not a sci-fi geek - but I am finding myself strangely drawn to Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillen - very cute:

I actually had no idea who Faye Reagan was until a quick bit of Google research.

The second picture on image search is one of her with her fist up her hoop.

Good drills.

I will research this lady further.


Lantern Swinger
What is this has the good and the great of RR lost their minds, first train spotting (not the film) and now saying it is ok to shag gingers has the world gone mad. Gingers are well just plain wrong they are a genetic mistake.
Now if she dyed her hair and pubes I'd back scuttle her over the couch, but
does dying her hair count as she could still be a ginger at heart. :wink: :D :D

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