Gingers that arent a problem

Having participated in "a ginger problem" i though we should give recognition to some gwars that are socialy acceptable.

Gillian anderson - clever and managed to pull off a suit and possibly a couple of aliens aswell.

Christina Hendricks - MASSIVE BLARTS.

A possible bone of contention here
The ginger one from Girls aloud.

Any other personel favourites.
Since when did gingers become acceptable? I'm sorry but if we start denying that there is a problem, things will only escalate and get out of hand.

Just look what happened with the banks and the recession.

It's attitudes like your's that lost Germany the war.
seenoffteefcuk said:
Brigham fair call

Emily of inbetweeners no way
she defo not a proper gwar.
Stop being so fcukin picky, when it comes to pussy, I'm colour blind,
they don't care I'm black, I don't give a sh1t their ginger. :wink: :D :lol:
seenoffteefcuk said:
hannigan is rats
plus when she shoves stuff up peoples bums in films
it reminds me of things i have tried for 20 year to forget
Oi you, you been holding out on us?

Trying to forget?, cleanse your soul and conscience on here, tell all. 8O :D

PS. Any vids, dvds, or even 8mm? post them to me, it will help you.
It won't do me any harm either. :roll: :wink:
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