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Discussion in 'Charity' started by X.R.D, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. Hello

    I havent been around for a while due to work commitments etc but am always on the lookout for ways to raise a few quid for the lads. On the 26th November I will be taking aprt in the Hellrunner event on the longmoor training area. This is a 10 mile multi-terrain event and as I havent had much time to prepare its going to hurt like a bitch. Therefore the pain will be eased by knowing that money is going to people that really need it.

    Please dig deep and donate on the link below.

    Sean Mercer is fundraising for Royal Marines Benevolent Fund

    P.S To any short timers on this website i'm not a fly by night who has just posted on the offchance but somebody who has raised over 2k for this charity and has been subscribed to this site since 2006 :-D

    Sean Mercer is fundraising for Royal Marines Benevolent Fund
  2. BUMP

    I havent got off the starting blocks yet so if somebody could set the ball rolling me/the lads would appreciate it.
  3. Bump. The ball is rolling with a donation from soleil. Please give what you can
  4. Bump. 91 views and still at £5. Please pledge what you can to this worthwhile cause
  5. I'm now at £20 thanks to a kind donation from someone I presume is on this site.

    Thank you but keep it coming folks :)
  6. I'm now at £60 thanks to generous donations from you guys and friends. Thank you but the lads need your help!!!

    Please donate what you can and let me know via a P.M that you have donated so that I can thank you personally
  7. BUMP

    I'm still at £60 so if you could dig deep and donate it would be much appreciated,

    Thank you
  8. bump & donated
  9. Bump. Thank you very much for your kind donation
  10. BUMP

    Five days to go until the event folks so please donate what you can to this worthy cause!!!
  11. BUMP

    The event is tomorrow so I will be heading down that way tonight. Therefore this will be my last post before the event.

    Thanks for the donations so far
  12. BUMP

    I'll look after my oppo and ensure I keep his end up in his absence. He is an absoute nobber but he's running (bimbling!?) for a great cause so when you get in after a few beers tonight get some money in the pot!
  13. BUMP

    Good effort on completing the run from hell XRD. For those that have not donated it's not too late.
  14. Bumpity bump
  15. BUMP

    Hellrunner was completed in 1 hour 43 minutes which wasn't too bad concidering i've been dogged with injuries recently. If anyone is of the mind to give it a go then just run up lots of hills and through streams for your training regime and you should be fine. Photos to follow...

    PLease donate what you can to the link provided below and my thanks also to my oppo labrum for keeping this thread active

    Sean Mercer is fundraising for Royal Marines Benevolent Fund
  16. BUMP

    Just uploaded my finishing photo and a few others onto my page if you would like a butchers.

    Thanks again

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