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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by diehard, Feb 7, 2015.

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  1. It seems to have worked a little bit elsewhere so I thought I would try it out here too.
    If you have a gig near you or if your going to see any good bands why not list them on here so others might be able to go too?
    A good way to share a bevy or two and enjoy yourself too.
    All genres welcome.
    I shall start off with a gig at the crauford arms in Milton Keynes next Saturday the 14 feb.
    Sham69 are playing their old stuff and some new stuff. They are good and it will be the fourth time I have seen them in two years.

    If you like mod music then the harvest home pub in Houghton Regis Bedfordshire is hosting a mod gig with a band called the modest on the 28 feb.

    If you have any near you out it on here.

    For those of you in the Plymouth area I can recommend looking out for a local band there called Roadside, a fantastic indie band.
  2. Some punk and metal gigs coming soon
  3. I would imagine that Peter and the Test Tube babies don't look like that anymore!
    As an aside, I saw them in Plymouth about 30 years ago!
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  4. Your right, I believe that some of them have gone beardy weirdy, the music is the same though, lots of fun and laughs
  5. Ugly kid joe
    Milton Keynes in September
    The venue is one of the best places I have ever been to for a gig, it's an annexe to the pub in what appears to be an old school hall, however the sound quality is far superior to most places I have been to and as a result I will make it my place of choice for future gigs

  6. We've got a bunch booked for this year. Placebo, Reef, Belle and Sebastian, Dave Matthews and possibly Maximo Park if I get the chance.
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    NOFX i've seen a few times. Great live punk band.
  8. Interpol and Mogwai this friday. Boom.
  9. Where are they playing?
  10. As above. Where are they playing?
  11. Placebo and Reef in Aberdeen, B&S and Dave Matthews in Glasgow :)
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  12. Newcastle O2.
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  13. Hope it goes well tonight
  14. A few more upcoming gigs

    In June The Damned are [email protected]
    Guild hall Gloucester on the 2nd
    On the 3rd it's the Brook in Southampton
    And on the 7th it's the goaltender in norhampton.

    On July 3rd the Beat are playing at the godiva festival in coventry , on the 10th July the darkness are playing at brownstock festival, who thinks up these names?, While ska legends the selector are playing at the Dartford festival on July 17th.

    If you have a gig coming up where you are then share it on here so others might pop along too

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  15. Any northern soul, Motown or ska fans around?
    There is a soul night on in Dunstable Bedfordshire on sept the 4th that looks like it's going to be a good night out, might be a bit difficult getting there and back if your not local but there are plenty if places to stay in and stumble back to after a night of:: choose which one applies to you.
    Trying to do a back flip in true northern soul style, but failing and landing face first on the floor totally pi$$ed.
    As above but doing the splits.
    Dancing like a chicken as if no one can see you before falling over pi$$ed.
    Or just simply falling over while your pi$$ed.
    Anyway it's a fiver to get in and it looks like it's gonna be a good night out.

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