Gifts of Christmas past

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Memories of past Christmas gifts spring to mind at this time of year and I was wondering what stirs the memories of fellow RR out there.
    Here are some I can just about remember receiving:

    Blue Stratos
    Hai Karate
    Multi coloured tank top.
    Old WW2 tin hat
    Yardley for men.

    Never had a Johnny Seven though! :thumbdown:
  2. Clock work furry red spider that spent most of Christmas day running across the chart table up north untill the navi got pissed off and broke it :dwarf:
  3. A pukka Hornby train set, featuring the Duchess of Sutherland as the main train, was one of my very best. Must have been around 1978.

    When I returned home from University in the mid-80s I found out my old man had sold it and kept the cash so it wasn't really a present, more of a loan of a nice toy!
  4. Saved up in a "Christmas Club" Book at my local
    newsagents for months! This is all I ever wanted,
    and I eventually got one. If only I'd kept
    the box/receipt/dalek (all in mint condition) until
    now........worth a hoofin' lot more now than back
    when it was my "Big Christmas present".

  5. Wife once gave me a jumper. "Very nice painting jumper " Says I as it went straight in the draw

    7 months latter there was painting to be done and out comes the jumper, within 10 minutes its covered in paint and there was agreat deal of wailling and gnashing from the wife (not impressed).
  6. "What does Wolf Pack Leader want this Christmas?" I asked.
    "A laminater...."
    "A laminater"
    "Err alright then dearest...."
    (So that's what's on top of the wardrobe, all
    nicely wrapped up complete with 25 A4 laminater
    plastic pockets).
    I took her down to *Staples* and she even picked
    it herself.
    Must admit - she's calmed down a bit since the hysterectomy.
  7. Mousetrap game.... lots of coloured plasticky bits which fitted together with the sole object of catching a mouse in a small cage. It seemed to be more effective at catching delinquent mice than our criminal justice system is at catching criminals..... :roll: Perhaps James Dyson could design a new game called Burgular Trap? :lol:
  8. My Grandad bought me that train set in 1978 for my birthday, think he may have wanted a boy.
    I've still got it complete with all the trains, he bought to play with, still in boxes etc.
    I got it out for my kids to play with last year, but it was lost on them, not a Wii you see.
    (walks away muttering) :dontknow:
  9. Anyone remember these?



  10. I had the 'Simon Says' thing! Those were the days! :thumright:
  11. I bet they'll be a sight more interested when they're a bit older and realise what its worth. Don't let them have it though; they had their chance and blew it!
  12. I got a bop-it many years ago and I still can't frigging beat the fecker!
  13. I do recall once getting about 2 dozen hankies, and about as many pairs of sox from the entire family!
    Imagination wasn't a well known trait from my siblings in those days .... !!


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