Gieves kit wanted

Currently looking to buy Gieves kit from any members!
If you have any old bit of Gieves dress in the loft, a good time to make some $$ ;)
Especially for peaked caps, the new ones are too expensive for me (or any kit in general now is too expensive)
I fear you may well have draw a blank here, squire.

The vast majority of RR contributors have habitually satisfied their sartorial needs at various other naval tailoring emporiums, notable among them being those with premises along Queen Street, Portsmouth: eg Jack Blair, Bernards, Shimbarts and heaps of others who were once (pre- the current PC era) fondly known to Jack as Jews* & their Kippers*.

*Jew (naval, slang) A ship's tailor.

**Kipper – Female tailor’s assistant, called kippers because they always worked in pairs. This was for their own safety – a kind of chaperone system – so that one could protect the other if the tailor made advances.

I'd suggest that a far better source of second-hand items of RN uniform items (G & H and others) is this outfit:

Paraphrasing a snippet from that WW2 signal on the shortage of RN uniform material,
please let us know if 'your needs are satisfied.'

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