Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by plant_life, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm posted to Gibraltar and was interested in a complete, no B.S. take on what life is like there, good points, bad points, decent places to go etc. I would ask on ARRSE but there aren't a huge amount of squaddies who get posted there now.

    Cheers for the help.

  2. Once you've found Europa point, Irish Town and the Horseshoe (or Donkey's flip flop in Jack speak) you've cracked it then there's Spain and North Africa on your doorstep.

    I've always liked Gib but never been there for longer than 3 weeks though.
  3. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Too many cases of Rockitis to remember but still a great place. Playing Black Sabbath whilst walking through the rock from the Dyd to Eastern Beach. La Linia (sp) for Fundador (4d a shot) and exibish.
  4. I was there in 1976. Gib guard ship on HMS Keppel. Its ok for a while,nice beaches, pubs and the apes. Did the top of the rock run. ( nearly killed me ) Got bored after a while. Untill we got a call to go out and rescue a RAF recovery boats crew which was sinking. Half the crew were slightly pissed as we set sail. Anyway got them onboard and attempted to tow the launch back to Gib. Not to be as it was going fast. Was given the order to cut the tow and with a large axe let loose. As it disapeard under the russkies were hovering. So all 6 tubes were loaded in the A/S morters and one raf boat at the bottom of the med was no more.
  5. That was back when the border was shut and there's a lot of reclaimed land with hotels and apartments down by the runway now, all the cruise ships stop over as well. There's more scope now the border is open. I first went there in 1975, last time was 2007 and it's changed a helluva lot with the dockyard shutting down etc. I think the tunnel shut in the late 80's, it was still open in 1980, as we were victualled in the Cally Pally and had to go the long way round (1995).
  6. Remember anchoring in a bit of disputed water i think called the loop and a great big Spanish cruiser coming next to us and pointing some bloody big guns at us. All good fun, a weekly exercise. They even wore them German style helmets.:twisted:
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    As I have relatives in Gib, I hated pulling in there. The lads would **** off across the border for a night of debauchery and I would tucking into a roast dinner. I like Gib apart from the poof chariots and Spanish.

    Spies everywhere. [​IMG]
  8. Used to be a good run ashore, few crazy bars, like the Trocadero and Sqeezo, if we stayed there more than a week the squadrons used to disembark to North Front. The fire crews used to go with them, so we actually used the RAF equivalent of the old 'crash six'. There was huge pieces of old ship's cable alongside the runway, which could be used in case of emergencies, and landing hooks had to be extended. Then these chains had to be re-set, bastard of a job. Meanwhile the RAF operated their Shacks, doing their maritime duties. I liked Gib, usually the last 'rabbit run' before Pompey.
  9. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Mayhap, you remember Smoky Joe?
  10. I did 18 months there in the 90's, if it is still like it was and I can see no reason for change, keep your private affairs private. You can't fart on the rock without everyone knowing. If you are single get yourself up to Marbella, Malaga during the summer and find some Essex (insert preference) lady to keep you company. If you are married use the time to get out an about and explore Southern Spain and Portugal. Superb Tapas nights to be had just over the border.
  11. +1 for what Rab said! I live in Spain but go to Gib every 6 months or so. Why? Well, the booze and fuel is dirt cheap (as are fags if you are a suicide candidate!) and it has a very large Morrissons full of Brit goodies - which are MUCH cheaper than we can get them in Spain.

    That said, Gib is pretty dank these days. Virtually every day there are at least one and sometimes 3 cruise ships in, with Grockles being led around by the nose. Duty Free - forget it! Most of the shops on Main Street are owned by the same families, though there are the occasional bargain to be found. For instance, I had my Rolex blue face and hands replaced while I waited for 100 quid! Pubs on Main Street are very expensive and they only make up JCs in batches if there is a ship coming in!

    Diving is pretty good and diverse, though if you don't dive you won't apprecite that! Solution - learn to dive in Gib! The tunel from the dockyard to Eastern Beach is closed to the public, but may still be available to service personnel - ask! Hire, buy or take a pushbike to get around the lower parts of the Rock - GATC used to rent them year ago.

    But it is warm and sunny nearly all the time! This year (including last night's showers) we have had 7 days of rain since November - Gib may be slightly different, but not too much.

    Hope this helps.

    La Linea, the Spanish town over the border is a bit naughty - it is very poor and DEEPLY resents all the folk (Spanish and tourists) pouring onto the Rock every day. It is cheap though, just watch your bag/pockets........ Marbella is about an hour away and Malaga about an hour and a quarter. If you are acompanied - BIG mall at Marbella!
  12. Thanks a lot for all the help and pointers there.

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