Gibraltar me hearty


Not exactly a pub but a lot of drinking done at the Matelots School of Dancing otherwise known as Buccaneers under the arches and quite conveniently located for a stagger back to ROOKE via the chip shop that I think was called Roosters. Marina Bay was a run ashore too. The Barrel House was a favourite of mine. I was based in the tunnels in the rock for a while. The WW2 war room was still down there untouched and that was in 1983/4.


Gib, not what it used to be but then, neither am I. I recommend the Argentinian steak house just outside the square, Gouchos or some such. Best steak ever, or rather, best steak yet.

Agreed. Went a few years ago with Wor Lass. Didn't recognize the place since my last visit in the 80's.

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