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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by JAKEseagrave, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Worked in Gibraltar last year for a couple of months, converting ex fleet tender (Dunster) into a medical ship (Jubilee Hope) Having not been in Gib since 1963 it was quite a surprise to see all the changes.Most of the pubs have gone, told that only 18 remain now (172 in the 60s) We stayed in Brympton and was suprised to find that the Edinburgh Arms is still going strong on Naval Hospital Road. The Olympic Bar is still going but a bit run down. The only others that we remembered that are still going in town are The Cannon Bar,Star Bar, Horseshoe Bar and the Angry Friar. Hope this stirs up a few old juices.
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  2. Ex PO Doc bought the Edinburgh Arms back in the late 70's ... God only knows if he was /is still there. Spent many a happy hour in the "Donkey's Flipflop" and the "Mad Monk" or the Bar on the Piazza. Then there was "Lotties" which seemed to be a hang out for us off duty MA's from the Hospital. Calamara's and San Mig on the beach round by the Calleta Palace or Both Worlds. Mind the Border was still shut then so the town seems to be a lot more lively than I gather it is now. Happy Daze............
  3. A serving chief and his wife own it now Bernard and Denise, made us most welcome so we went every night.
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  4. The London Bar and the Hole in the Wall are still there too! The Clipper in Irish Town is also still going strong.
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    Cracking thread. Cough. However, nostalgic trips down jack me tickler tin starboard flip flop hole in the wall bollocks lane is not what Current Affairs is about. What is so hard to understand?


  6. I'm so sorry Your Emminence.

    I tend to look at the title of the thread in the Top 50, then read and respond as required, Safe to say that if a subject has already been posted I NEVER check to see what forum I am actully reading in.

    It won't happen again.

    Oh yes it will!!!
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    Thats at least two days on the naughty step SB! :salut:
  8. i must pay attenshun
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  9. Thread moved to Bases/Shore Establishments.
  10. This threads done more travelling than a three badge SA.
  11. Calleta Palace forced to stay there in 95, missive room with a view down the med, slumming as a submariner on subbies.
    Horseshoe Bar and the Angry Friar brings back memories, the Horseshoe Bar I think had a black smith Anvil on the deck I asked the bar man would he give me a pint if I could put it on the bar, his reply meant game on, once on the bar the manageress came out going ballistic, so hedging my bets I asked her would she give me a pint if I put on the deck for her? Bonus, next time in the bar they had fitted a metal strap and anchored it to the deck, many happy days, took 17 visits before I saw the place sobber?
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    I was only having a dig at the OP's catagorisation, not subsequent posters who don't have a choice (other than abstaining - which isn't always expected).

    Thanks to Sol for moving the thread out of the barge. It didn't deserve the barge treatment.

    Gib, not what it used to be but then, neither am I. I recommend the Argentinian steak house just outside the square, Gouchos or some such. Best steak ever, or rather, best steak yet.
  13. We know.
    Now you can say you have had a "Mis-Steak:laughing5:
  14. Gauchos
  15. Gib hasn't been the same since My mate Ginger Campbell {real name alterred to protect poor Ginger's innocence and blushes) and I were in the Trocadero bar in Main Street, and his hand found a nasty surprise at the top one of the bar "girls" legs. That was back in 1956, so if any of you lads are that old, I'd be interested to hear if you drank in the Troc, and why. lol :eek:mg:


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  17. One of our chefs had to go to Rooke in rig (on an S boat at the time) for some reason. Brought back onboard by the crushers in just his nix with no idea where his rig was (wasn't actually his rig, just what we could cobble together).

    Later on in the evening we were in Lotties and there was his rig, neatly nailed to the ceiling, he had no recollection of being in there :)
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I had two very happy years there - married unaccompanied! - and those of us who lived on The Rock tended to disappear over the border when ships came visiting and took over the bars in the main drag... :oops:
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  19. Going back to Gib saturday. (is this a current affair) Reason...... to sail the Jubilee Hope back to Greenock. Will let you know how we fared when we get back. Will check out more pubs.

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