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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dickhead, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. Why do we have a Gibraltar Flotilla?
    We don't have a Malta one
    We don't have an Aden one
    We don't have a Hong Kong one
    or a Singapore one

    So why do we have a Gibraltar one.
    Last time I looked it was under the command of a two and a half wren.

    What's it all about.
    Is it purely to maintain the RN's last foreign posting? A recruitment aid?
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Mods, pse kick the witless Norman to touch asap.

  3.'s a good run f**k off!!
  4. Norma its bad enough to keeping popping at two and half ringers but now you are getting sexist.

    When do we get to see the opicture of you legal clerk daughter as promised?
  5. Dont forget the Black Sea Fleet as well comrade.
  6. If you must troll at least troll properly...

    We have a Gibraltar SQUADRON because we are responsible for the defence of Gibraltar- what with it being a colony and all. The government, rather than the navy, are responsible for deciding what gets given back/independence and they haven't returned Gib.

    We don't have a Malta Flotilla because it is the Republic of Malta.
    We don't have an Aden Flotilla because the People's Arab Republic of the Yemen would probably frown on it.
    We don't have a Hong Kong Flotilla because Hong Kong has now belonged to the People's Republic of China for 11 years.

    We don't have a Singapore Flotilla, but we do have RNSU Singapore, which is an RN foreign posting. That makes 2.
    We have a Cyprus Squadron, to protect the Sovereign Base Areas. That makes 3.
    We have 2 wars, both of which have large numbers of RN personnel posted to them. They are overseas. That makes 4.
    We have a Falklands Patrol Ship, permanently on station. That makes 5.
    We have, for what it's worth (and what's left of it), NEFI at Mare Harbour, West Falkland (Naval Engineering Falkland Islands). Last time I checked that was under the command of a Chief. That makes 6.
    We have a ship lurking around our Caribbean possessions. That makes 7.
    We have HMS AGRIPPA (or whatever it's called this week) at Naples. That makes 8.
    We have Diego Garcia. That makes 9.

    Just about the only place overseas that we own that doesn't have an RN presence is Pitcairn, and that has a population of 54, many of whom are in prison.

    So, at least 9 overseas postings for the RN then (or 7 if you don't count the ship based ones).

    Whether we should have all those is another question entirely. Possibly one that will appear in one of your threads in the near future. This one, I fear, is a misfire. Unless of course Nutty has hit the nail on the head and the key point you were trying to make was about 2 and a halfs. Again.
  7. Think we have two ships lurking around the Windies at the moment on account of the high winds & rough seas etc just to maintain good order and naval discipline! so thats another one!
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    When Norman's finished reading the Navy List to himself slowly and aloud, there's always the telephone book, until the nice man in the white coat comes with the little needle to help him sleep. You're quite safe then Norman, none of the two and a halves who are out to get you can get through that armoured door.
  9. There is usually a vessel on gulf standby lurking around the Far East also as Exercise flying fish usually goes on once a year. So that's another

    Poor Norm is so miss informed that he doesn't realise we even handed Hong Kong back over to the chinese lol
  10. Sorry, clearly Mare Harbour is on EAST Falkland- never guess I was a Dabber officer would you? Not an evil 2 1/2 mind :thumright:
  11. You make the point we don't have overseas posting to flotillas in Hong Kong et al as they are Republics.
    One country does not have their armed forces in another foreign independent countries you aver.
    The US have flotillas and much more in foreign countries world-wide from Japan to Turkey and back again. We have troops in the Republic of Germany and The Republic of Cyprus. Why do we not then have Flotillas based in Commonwealth countries protecting our Merchant Fleet? a number of those exotic locations being far better runs -ashore than Gibraltar
  12. Whilst wanting to ignore ********, his information is a couple years out of date, the Gib Squadron is run by a LT, the LT CDR post has gone.
  13. That must be some Flotilla. A Lt as its Commander. Frighten anyone to death I suggest. The Spanish navy will be apprehensive.
  14. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Its not a Flottilla its a "squadron" in the loosest sense of the word.

    For those of you who are not Norm (and thus maybe open minded) the role of the Squadron is to protect shipping on its way into the base, provide naval support to the military on the rock and also prevent illegal immigration. Fairly straightforward really, although secretly every one of the crew is a Lt Cdr, as we have so many of them that we don't know what to do with them - its a means of hiding the bodies...
  15. Protect shipping on its way into base--For whom? The ex RN extraneros living on the Costa del Sol who might bear a grudge as they didn't get a pension prior to leaving in 1975.
    I'm sure the Lt i/c this Formidable Flotilla will be ready to engage those Somali rascals should they dare enter The Straits.
  16. Norma

    We have no troops stationed in the Republic of Cyprus we do however have a Sovereign Base Area. You do know what "Sovereign" means in respect of Base or land area it means its British territory until it is relinquished or the agreement runs out.

    No of course you did not know that or you would not have left yourself wide open. As for Germany, well they are forces occupation and have been there since WW2.

  17. We do have British forces in Cyprus. What we don't have anywhere significantly is a naval force capable of protecting our British Flagged ships from armed Somali and other bandits.
  18. British Forces Germany have not technically been an army of occupation since the 1950s. We maintain around 18,000 troops there at the invitation of the German Government who retain the right to tell us to bugger off at any time!

    On the wider question, I suppose that we are suffering a few withdrawl symptoms due to the fact that British forces have operated primarily outside of the UK for much of the past 300 years. But if we compare ourselves to our countries today, rather than to our past, we should see that we are lucky enough to still have some opportunity to travel and do interesting things, unlike the forces of most other nations who have to be content to sit at home and may 'enjoy' one UN deployment during their careers.

    And, ********, your assessment of the Gib Flotilla is ridiculous. It is obviously not there as any kind of military deterent to the Spanish Navy, it is there to carry out 'coastguard-type' duties. I suspect you knew that already but are just a bit of a knob...
  19. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Gibraltar is a narrow strait, from which it is easy to launch suicide attacks from North Africa against passing shipping. The Gib Squadron exists to intercept potential terrorist threats using fast patrol boats at times when larger vessels may be restricted in their ability to manouvere.

    As for Cyprus - the SBAs remain sovereign UK territory and we can do what we want there. Germany is drawing down - the main reason to keep troops there is that there arent enough barracks and training areas to park another armoured division back in the UK at the moment.
  20. Motorman does not agree He suggest the MFV's we have there are CoastGuard vessels to intercept any matelots returning after a run ashore in Tangiers with Magic Mushrooms or whatever
    Who's right?

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