Gibraltar Chronicle: "Lights Out For CommCen"

Shackles_and_Flags said:
I remember the CCY telling me to exchange id's via flashing light with the rock, thought he was taking the mick until they started replying!!
Used to annoy me being asked by the OOW to exchange IDs with someone who's ID he knew!

OOW "Exchange IDs with the Campbeltown"
TC "Sir, it's the Campbeltown"
OOW "Eh? I said exchange IDs with the Campbeltown"
TC "Sir, it is the Campbeltown, if you want me to pass them a message or ask permission to proceed I will gladly do so"

Don't get me started on Flag Hotel or the Church Pennant!!!

Bizarrely, on sailing from Hong Kong in 97 they came onboard to use our charger for their PAG belt so they could call us on the way out. Someone just appeared in a random window in POWB and started flashing.

Anyway, dabbers part of ship now so don't care!
I love that, exchanging ID's with somethings thats already been identified miles away, although I take great pleasure in reporting back down to the Ops Room that they are wrong and its actually someone else. Always gets the same replies 'How do you know?', 'Are you sure?'.
It may be dabbers POS now, put some of us ex-communicators are trying to keep things going without the new 'specs' trying to invent new ways of doing something that has worked quite fine for centuries!
Out the far east, early 60's.... exercising with RAN.... young ex-public school Lt. OOW.....'Whats that ship over there signalman' I replied ' It's the Yarra, sir'.
Skipper comes on the bridge..... 'OOW whats that ship over there?'
OOW...'It's the Yahrow, sir'.....
Toffee nosed git ! :roll:

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