Gibraltar Chronicle: "Guardia Civil Keeping A Distance"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. Yes they'll be keeping a distance as most of them are in Madrid demonstrating against the government..
    I'd think that at the moment El Peñon is the least of their problems :lol:
  2. As I understand it, they have had a pay cut due to the 'crisis', Spanish for recession - BUT - been invited to participate in a percentage of all fines they dish out. It has been quite 'interesting' driving round here the last few weeks :evil:

    They have most certainly been boarding pleasrure craft in this region and if you do not have ALL the paperwork, the fine is 600 euros.
  3. We are not blessed with the Guardia in Catalunya having our very own and special Mossos to deal with and they are well up to speed; particular regarding residents in Spain with a foreign EU licence! And yes they want ALL the paperwork required to be kept in your car - no photocopies and original documents.
    The boys in green do patrol the sea though and very well, and yes they want all the paperwork exactly in order. A thing that would surprise those used to the almost total lack of such things in the UK.
    The Guardia do excellent work patrolling the coast and dealing very well and sympathetically with the human tide rafting its' way across. I wonder if the RN squadron in Gib assisted with this? If not it could be a good way of healing rifts.
  4. About time, Madrid has enough of its plate at the moment as the Mayor of La Linea seeks to impose a toll on all vehicles leaving Gibraltar.

    I still remember the day that a Guardia Civil launch beached at speed on Eastern Beach in (illegal) pursuit of an alleged tobacco smuggler. A GC chased the man up the beach waving his pistol it was the middle of summer and the beach was mobbed, kids everywhere - couldn't believe what I was seeing.

    The GC have come a long way but the potential to be law onto themselves is always bubbling under the surface...

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