Gib super yacht .

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by Stirlin, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. You obviously haven't checked the prices! Actually, there was a fire onboard a couple of days ago, so it may not be open at the moment. Feelings about it are mixed on Gib, as it kind of dominates the entire marina area.
  2. Just a point of interest SB , as to the prices you have to fly with a budget airline either Ryan Air or easyjet. Never used those two but from some accounts it can be a bad experience which is the last thing you need at the start of hols.
  3. Fly to Malaga, hire a car, drive down - about an hour from Malaga.
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  4. And then take pot luck on whether the Spanish are playing silly b*****s at the border.
  5. In the days before floating hotels and luxury apartments, Gibraltar dockyard was usually full of these:-


  6. Yep, true. But if we are staying overnight, we'll go on about mid day and off before 1500 or after about 2100, then there is no problem. It is irritating when they get a fly up thir bum and start playing their games.

    If things settle down, there is a Holiday Inn Express about 15 to 20 minutes away that we stay at. Much cheaper than Gib and it means go can come and go - more DFs!
  7. Gib is basically the UK on a rock. as soon as you cross the border ... complete change of scenery. Even the weather is miserable.
  8. Thanks for telling us all about Gib. I wondered what it was. So glad you posted.

    As to the weather- I could have sworn that it's part of Iberia and thus has the same weather as La Linea the other side of the runway.
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  9. Stayed there for a few days last year. It's very nice, although they prefer you to have fancy dress runs somewhere else.
    Not sure on the prices, the taxpayer was paying.
  10. Yes, I love it, the change from arrid dry earth to lush green grass, the meadows full of wild flowers; from scorching hot days to light persistent drizzle; calm blue sea to a thrashing maelstrom of grey breakers. Ah, going onto Gib...............
  11. [​IMG]
    Well to be a bit picky it does have the levant that can give it a climate all of its own from time to time.
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  12. Lived there for 2.5 years end of the 70's. Border was shut permanently then so no queues to worry about.
    Didn't matter if the town was cloudy with the Levant ... Calli Bay was always bright sunshine ... Calamari's & Chips on the beach and a bottle or two of San Mig! Ahh happy days!
  13. MG I agree, I spent just under two years there but sadly I worked and drank on the wrong side of the rock. Many is the time where the dockyard or even Main St, Horseshoe/Captains Cabin were shrouded in fog whilst others were bronzying on Catalan Bay side.
  14. I wonder if the Military Police HQ is still there, it would be nice to have a nostalgic visit to the Army supplied hotel I had the pleasure of staying in once.

    Room was a bit cramped though, and there was no en suite! When I had the audacity to mention this to the nice sergeant in the morning he said some very rude words to me, threw me in the back of a taxi (I didn't know they had landrover taxi's in Gib) and the two taxi drivers in their green taxi uniforms brought me back to the boat.

    And I got case dismissed by the skipper :)
  15. Ah! The famous Blue Light Taxi Service! Had a lift up and down from RNH many a time! Normally standing at the bus stop waiting for Miguel in his mobile shrine to St ??? to go back down the hill and I'd get "Oi Owl Arse wanna lift"? Mind did help after I'd been feeding them (and the Chrushers) coffee all night!
  16. Remember the tunnel from the dockyard to Eastern Beach? Just so us lads could go and bronzy without having to go round the long way!

    The tunnel is still there, but is shut by grills at both ends, though you can look along it and see a spot of light in the distance.

    Unless that's a train coming.........
  17. Once went through the tunnel to the beach and the UC1 (who was a bit of a poser) stripped off and spent all day swimming and bronzing. We were pissing up and decided to bury his lagging on the beach.

    Come the time to head back and we couldn't remember where we'd buried it (lagging, ID card, wallet, watch..the lot). he had to walk back through the tunnel and through the dockyard in just his budgie smugglers.

    He didn't see the funny side of it though!
  18. Yeah ... remember it well! Got taken on a "under the rock" tour once ... more roads and tunnels under than there is on the outside!
  19. Recently did a taxi tour of the Upper Rock with Mrs W. Several other tourists also on board, including several Canadians. One lady was clearly not happy with the pretty severe drop on one side. The driver/tour guide was well into his spiel, and announced that Canadian engineers had done a lot of the tunnelling under the Rock, and that - as MGM said - there were more roads underground than there were above ground. There was a plaintive wail from the back: "Then why are we on this one?"

    On the subject of the tunnel from the dockyard with the spot of light at the end, some years ago I went to an exercise briefing in a chamber reached from a side tunnel. Going past one inconspicuous room deep underground, I noticed a very small plaque on the door noting that General Ike had used the room whilst involved in planning the WW2 North African landings. Nothing touristy, but a definite reminder of the Rock's incredible history.

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