Gib: "Red Arrows’ Fitting Response to Spanish Incursions"

soleil said:
This aggression by Spain brings back memories of when the Spanish fleet did naval exercises latter half of 1982 near Gibraltar. HMS BRILLIANT tagged along in the vanguard to keep a weather eye on them. Perhaps we should station some sort of defence full time there, which has some bite.
Re: Gib: "Red Arrows’ Fitting Response to Spanish Incursions

trelawney126 said:
tommo said:
Still, I'm away on business lol

Checking my emails etc before I bugger off out
Don't forget the Duty Free! :lol:

Half a dozen cases of Pussers Rum would do very nicely for The Last Post Thread Banyan being held in Trewlawney's back garden. Hopefullysome ex bandies will come along and play Hearts of Oak and Life on the Ocean Wave and we'll all get utterly pissed! ;)

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