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Gib Chronicle: "Peer’s Navy Warning Over Gibraltar"


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"Britain would be better able to sort out the stand-off with the Spanish over Gibraltar if the Government had not reduced the Royal Navy destroyer frigate force to “anorexic levels”, a former chief of the defence staff has said.

Lord Boyce made his comments in the House of Lords as a former governor of Gibraltar accused the Spanish of “Francoist-type bullying”."

Gibraltar Chronicle - The Independent Daily First Published 1801


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I can't help thinking that open comments from members of the senior military somehow give foreign nations the balls to openly take an aggressive stance. Or then again, is it designed to get such a reaction and think our politicians will write a cheque for 1 x brand new war canoe!!!!


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What a pity Boyce couldn't see this far ahead when he was in service and make comment then. And the person is currently a member of the Top Level Group of UK Parliamentarians for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation. WTF! He had a career in boats! Probably still gets paid as an Admiral as well as a lordyshp so we'll just have to believe his sincerity. :sign5:


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Boycie can spout whatever he likes, the current set of politicians have written off Gib as something of worth to Britain. Completely wrongly in my opinion.

The only way that will change is if they see votes disappearing if Gib is threatened. In the meantime Gib can just crack on.


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...Well.... I wouldn't buy a second had car from him !
.........My recollections of Adm Lord Boyce when CDS was that he was quite outspoken (for a serving Senior Officer), in particular when he publicly embarrassed Buff(hoon) in the run up to GW2. I first came across him when he was a 38 year old Captain (CSST, as was) in 1984 - he had a sort of aura about him, which even I as a CPO tiff could recognise. He can say WTF he likes as far as I'm concerned!
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Having said something sensible

Were this Government not to have depleted our destroyer frigate force to anorexic levels, we would be able to demonstrate better and in a more consistent way our resolve

why did he then spoil it by linking that valid point in such a daft way?

The Dons would be very daft to exercise military power against Gib and they would bring shed loads of grief upon themselves from the EU and NATO if they did. Additionally, if they did seize Gib, we have more than enough residual might to take it back. What we may not have is the political might.

Adml Mike would be more useful beating the Government and, for that matter, Parliament around the head, pointing out all the things we probably can't do anymore and what it would take in manpower, material and, especially, time to restore it. I'm sure the beanies in MoD (Centre) could put a price on it; although they would probably be hard pressed to give it a value.
.........My recollections of Adm Lord Boyce when CDS was that he was quite outspoken (for a serving Senior Officer), in particular when he publicly embarrassed Buff(hoon) in the run up to GW2. I first came across him when he was a 38 year old Captain (CSST, as was) in 1984 - he had a sort of aura about him, which even I as a CPO tiff could recognise. He can say WTF he likes as far as I'm concerned!

'A sort of aura about him.' Iv seen that in some senior officers before.Its usually that the immaculate outer uniform hides a mass of ragged underwear that hasn't been changed for a month. Any way, the lads here will hold the line, until we get the PoW and QE up and running.:rofl:Seriously this is all saber rattling for 'El Mailio' readers in Spain, try and distract them from the dire economic straits the country is in. As PoL says there would be hell to pay from NATO, and the 4th reich in europe.RGR.jpgDadsArmy.jpg
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