Giant negroid head sparks formal investigation (Cadbury Ad)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by R077, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Cocoa beam unleashing mass dancing amongst 'excitable' Africans

    I despair. Not once did I see the advertisement in any other way than I believe the Advertisers intended. I swear, the second we have a Ghana based advertisement for tea or somesuch featuring white English early 20th century genteel drinking tea and remarking on the decor I'll be first on the bus :lol:
  2. Re: Giant negroid head sparks formal investigation (Cadbury

    There you go 21_man, we'd rather focus on the 'racist' element whilst avoiding the really concerning issue. I'm fairly pessimistic that any real progress is being made in the labour around cocoa production in Ghana, or at least that whatever facade is presented to quell the Western media dissolves the second focus is taken away from it. Cadbury 'chocolate' doesn't even pass the minimum cocoa level to be regarded as chocolate in the E.U., more of a chocolate-flavoured snack. Brown vegetable fat with sugar, never touch the stuff.
  3. Re: Giant negroid head sparks formal investigation (Cadbury

    So the Ghanaians in Ghana are happy but moral guardians outside Ghana are worried about Ghanaian sensibilities. Not a bone through the nose, skull on a stick nor man sized cooking pot for bloody miles.
  4. Re: Giant negroid head sparks formal investigation (Cadbury

    Maybe they missed a chance in trying to do Cadbury for forcing a wild animal to play a drum kit ?


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