Giant 'Freak Wave' hits cruise ship in the Med

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. That's a damn big goffer!
  2. The Golf de Leon is a very, very rough bit of water. A lot of people think the Med is a tad flat, but that is certainly not the case, not by any means.
  3. I've had a technicolor yawn or three in the Golf de Leon :oops:
  4. Flood Flood Flood!
  5. Thank gawd we cancelled our cruise in May. This looks terribly frightening 8O

    Well we can thank Easyjet for the cruise cancellation due to unforseen circumstances your return flight has been cancelled and with a family wedding in Scotland the day after that was that. Wondering what unforseen circumstances can be happeing in May
  6. That's when the mass evacuation starts of the UK after complete voter apathy allows Gordon Brown another term in office...

    Those who can, flee...
  7. I piss off on May 31st.............................. IOW
  8. Watching the video made by a passenger, on TV last night was very impressive. Remind me on my next cruise to sit well away from large chunks of glass!
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Had a bumpy ride as a cadet in the G de Leon in 1955. Triumph had some bow plates stove in but couldn't log the windspeed as the anemometer had been ripped off the mast by the gale. I had the good fortune to be spending the week in her planeguard, HMS Venus, which of course was bouncng around a bit more than Triumph. OOW had to keep picking up the Captain Lt Cdr Peg Leg Dawson) who had a wooden leg.
  10. The risk of encountering such waves in the North Atlantic explains why the highly personable Stephen Payne OBE, chief designer of Carnival's Queen Mary 2, deliberately returned to the concept of the classic Cunard ocean liners incorporating a flared bow and long forecastle instead of the bluff-bowed floating apartment blocks that constitute most modern cruise liners. There is a surprisingly high incidence of the sort of damage sustained by the Louis Majesty and this one only received significant coverage because it involved fatalities.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Left: QM2
    Right: Louis Majesty

    Queen Mary 2: The Ocean Liner Experience
  11. A lot of the newer cruise ships look like unstable car parks. I reckon it is only a matter of time before one goes completely tits up.
    A few years back we went on the Oceanic for a Med cruise. It was old, but a proper ship, designed for the North Atlantic in winter and road the Golf very well indeed. I can't imagine it would ever have to head for harbour in rough weather, unlike an awful lot of the newer car park ships.
    Sadly I believe this venerable vessel has now gone to the scrap yard. It was the original 'Love Boat'.
    The captain when we sailed on it was Amadeus Albaquerque, a true Portuguese navigator and a complete gentlemen.
  12. Interesting interviews with some of the German pax on TV this evening. They critisised the captain for poor seamanship. It was fairly evident that their maritime experience extended no further than having done a cruise or two. Obviously experts. :roll:
    One explanation for the incident was a phenonomen called "the 3 sisters", 3 waves so close that the ship has no time to recover before being overwhelmed by the third wave.
  13. RMS Queen Mary met a 92' "rogue wave" in the North Atlantic in 1942 that knocked her over on her beams to an estimated 52 deg., which was about 03 degs of non return. She was carrying 14000 allied troops across the Lantic for a trip to D-Day. Hate to think of the state of 14000 sets of underwear after that encounter.
  14. Interesting explanatory comment on the link; reinforces the requirement for a post wave dhobi session...

  15. Which sounds very like what happened to the Ashanti back in '74, just off Bermuda.
    It ended in 2 crew killed, several injured and the ship returning to Bermuda. What didn't help was the build of the ship, a bit flat bottomed and purpose built for the Gulf.
  16. Those at BRNC Dartmouth a few decades ago may remember John Barlee, the civilian lecturer in Oceanography. He told us that there was no such thing as a 'freak wave' because they were all 'statistically predictable'. He also took great delight in showing us his collection of newspaper clippings containing stories of people washed off sea fronts, saying with some glee, "Served them right."
  17. This news was very much allover the world and this was all because of that giant wave which was forcefully hit to the cruise ship and it took the lives of 2 people and some where seriously injured. This incident has created threat against the cruise in lots of people.
  18. [​IMG]

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