Giant Bell End on roof

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. gordon Brown is on his way
  2. I tell you what, it's no fcuking wonder that this pile of sh*t country is going to the dogs. People just aren't willing enough these days to paint gigantic genitalia on their homes and places of work. It would help to restore National Pride if everyone took this guys example and went out today and daubed a ginagorous great c0ck and balls on either their house or their place of work. In fact, not just toggle and two's but big saggy p*ss flaps too......or a nice set of lady udders....or a rusty sherrifs badge......or even a montage made up of several differing types of genitalia. Come on people, what the fcuk's wrong with you all? Don't you love your country?
  3. Found these on the roof once, turned out it was the wife fixing the aerial
  4. Was she using them as a 'suction based safety device' to prevent her falling from the roof? A bit like the way the DSRV uses it's skirt to suck onto the DSRV seat......
  5. Brilliant!!

  6. Not sure, looked more like the aft escape hatch wide open with the umbilicals going through
  7. Hope there was an axe and chopping block readily available in case of watertight integrity issues.......
  8. Unfortunately not which is why I'm still married, there weren't any containment tallies either coming to think about it
  9. Fcuk me ragged! You'll be telling me next she didn't have an indate 'Scaftag' before climbing onto the roof.
  10. She never tagged out the aerial either, total disregard for radhaz
  11. Man Working Aloft basics....fcuking scandulous.....
  12. I'd dequal her but that would mean I'd have to go up there
  13. Must have s**t for brains; putting a flat roof on that building.

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