Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Gombear, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Quote from Immigration Minister Phil Woolas who said new rules would "improve the situation" but "we have to go through each case".

    He told GMTV: "We will be more generous where there has been valour, long service and where there are medical conditions as well.

    "It has never been a proposition that all Gurkhas pre-1997 should be given grants or settlements. Along with their spouses and close dependants, that would be around 100,000 people.

    "We have obligations to other people around the world and we have to be fair."

    What other people do we owe a greater obligation to than the Ghurkhas?
  2. I cant agree more mate.
    Its about time the Government got there heads out of there Ass and started to support the people that give them the ability to do there job....which is to look after us.
    Instead of finding reasons why we should help all the other winging countrys whos people spend there time burning our bloody flag..
    Its time to stand up and be counted.
  3. I'd like to know what other people we have "obligations" to, an assumption would be British Dependencies i.e certain West Indies islands we recruit from but they would already be British citizens or derivitives thereof. I'd also like him to expand on why we need to be "fair" to these other un-specified people.
  4. I feel that 100,000 Gurkas would be an asset to this country. Gurkas have served the country well as opposed to the illegal (and legal) detritus that are striving to destroy us........not including our wonderful politicians
  5. The Ghurka's not only deserve the respect they've earnt but they deserve so much more from us!
  6. Are there really 100,000 Gurkhas waiting to come to the UK. :?: This Goverments behaviour to the Gurkhas is despicable.In spite of court rulings they continue to hold out against letting these loyal old soldiers get what they deserve. :evil:
  7. I can’t put it more succinctly ..........
  8. I watched that slimey toad of an Immigration Minister today on the lunchtime news and it really made my blood boil.

    He came out with absolute utter claptrap and bollox and really showed that this current bunch of cretins who are supposed to represent the country have no idea at all. What exactly do these Gurkhas have to do to be allowed to live here? They have done far more than most of the chavs, spongers and other low life who were born here, let alone the illegal immigrants who come here in their droves and bleed us dry.

    If I ever bump into Phil Wood he will be receiving both barrels toot sweet, the fecking slime ball.
  9. Woolas appears to be another of those who have only ever worked(!) in politics.

    It's definitely time to prevent anyone becoming an MP unless they've held down a real job prior to looking for election. Just think of how many of the current crop would have been disallowed before their careers began and how much better off we would all have been as a result!

    As for the Gurkhas, what has happened is now a national scandal - mind you, good luck to the government if it thinks it can take on Joanna Lumley and win! What a woman!
  10. It beggers belief. This so called govt will go hands over tits to suck up to any low life,hijackers,scum etc. But come to a group of loyal men who have served this country with utmost valour.They wring there hands and put them in the same Quota as every other immigrant...Shame on this govt....
  11. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Bloody disgrace this Governmnt. The Gurkhas have earned our respect and should have the right to settle here if they so wish, I on the other hand am so disgusted by this counntry and the way it treats honest hard working people am considering getting out to a pace where wok is valued.

    The Government should hang their heads in shame, prefferably(sp) with a rope.
  12. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I've been emailing friends and family on this. Send them this linkfor more info, and also write to your MP too. Make them realise what a total fecking disgrace this decision is.
  13. As I have posted on the other thread on this I have just sent this to my MP Gordon Brown


    Today you and your government have made me ashamed to both hold the Queens commission and to be British. You had the opportunity to at last treat the Gurkha soldiers who have served us all so well over the years with dignity and respect and chose not to. To me this is unforgivable.

    If you were a true son of the manse and a person of any decency you would resign, but I fear you will not.

    Yours in deepest regret

    At the next election I willcertainly votefor which ever candidate has the best chance of unseting him, what ever party that may be, even god forbid the BNP
  14. Mrs F was in tears when she heard the news and watched Joanna Lumley and her stalwarts giving their verdicts on the ruling, I was seething with anger. I have been a labour voter all my life but this is the last straw they are a bunch of dishonourable bastards.
  15. The Cnut from the MOD was no better fink!!!!
  16. Was that the political animal dressed up as a general?
  17. by the name of Anderson :evil: i think
  18. At the end of the day this particular one has little to do with the MOD, rather it is a Home Office thing, so this is down to the expense fiddler Jaqui.

    What I still find beyond belief it how these people can actually stand there and spout the rubbish and actually believe that people will believe them. Just how bloody thick do they think we are the bunch of arrogant tossers that they are.
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    They aren't likely to vote labour so, labour aren't likely to let them in. Another thing for the Tories to sort out when they get the keys to No 10 back.

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