Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Ive just watched parkinson with david jason,and he showed a clip of ghostboat which i think starts tomorrow,it showed david jason being interviewed by a commander with wings on his left cuff and dolphins on his chest,now it crossed my mind,do any of you boat people or wafus know of such an animal?
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ghost Boat is showing tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow on ITV, I believe that Geoff Tall acted as an advisor to the programme makers.

    As a matter of interest I have recently been contacted by a researcher from a TV company that are making a programme about the escape from USS Squalus. They are talking about doing some filming on the Sidon and M2 as part of the programme. I don't know when the program will be shown.
  3. Hig, I can't remember whether or not Captain Godfrey Basil Place VC, my old Skipper from the Albion had both, but he got his VC as a Submariner attacking the Tirpitz. It was unusual for non Waffu Officers to command a Carrier back then.
    As I said, I'm not sure.
  4. We had a Scottish Lt. on the Cachalot 75/76, name of Duncan Fergusson. Good officer (Seaman), but probably felt he wasn't going get to COQC. He transferred to WAFU to become a chopper pilot and I believe he passed and flew Seakings. (Come to think of it he was probably a Seaking's best weapon, knowing what a SM skipper might do). He may even have become an Observer, but he'd have wings of some kind to wear with his dolphins.

    Another one, I relieved an RO1 Burnett on Renown in 1971, and he was off for a branch change to Airman (Phot) and I saw a pic of him once in his No1s, with dolphins, Phot branch badge - and Ship's Diver's badge on his cuff!
  5. Oh - Ghostboat.... I've just seen it and it's a good dit. A mixture of glaring inaccuracies and some curiously accurate bits. Once again, the 'lower deck' is made to look like a bunch of thickos. I think it's an old Italian boat acting as the 'Scorpion' but I've packed my books away. Either way, they filmed in the Med and it doesn't really look like the Baltic does it?
  6. I only saw a bit of it, as I flicked through the channels, the 8s/Ovies aint of early 80s vintage though.
  7. Yes, noticed that about the No8s - they're the post-Falklands type. Though they did manage to get the right woolly pullies and most badges.
  8. What a sh*t hot Ping Bosun. 'Flooding tubes' and 'Depth changing' on WW11 sonar!
    Could have done with him in Faslane, mid-60s. :roll:
  9. Not only that he could tell the tubes were loaded as well, I suspect they need people like that today as well.

  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think that the last bearing of the target boat given was 195, an interesting angle for a MK8.
  11. Would someone tape part two for me.There was 5 inches of snow here overnight and the transmitters are off the air-all I can watch is.....snow!
  12. I was struck by how much they did get right - eg S6 AGR - the noddy suits were definitely of 1980s vintage, booties in combat jackets and lighweights, wearing of 8s (even if they wear post Falklands, how many programmes have you seen wear they seem to constantly wear No 1s!), windproof jacket (which was first introduced for submariners - wouldn't they have been wearing foulies at sea though?
  13. One thing I noticed was on the officers 8 shirt they had a name tape on them. If my memory serves me right officers never had their name on.

    It was pretty good programme though made me once or twice!!!! Looking forward to tonights episode.....

  14. I saw a bootie on the quay side with his back to the sub, and from behind he looked like he was wearing a helo landing pad instead of a berret.

    Also - the ratings had a mish mash of badges - the stoker was wearing red rank slides - i thought only sea cadets wore those? RN wear gold?

    and why was the skipper being called Captain when he was a Commander? and even said to the spook - i out rank you, when clearly they were the same rank (3 ringers)


    PS other than that - fcuk me what a brilliant bit of telly - apparently the sub was a german effort - they had to change all the dials and signs before filming.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Captain of the Ship/Boat is called Captain whatever his rank, WW2 had a lot of Lieutenants in charge of Boats, they they were all addressed as Captain. In real terms he will always be the senior man in matters concerning his command,
  16. Sharpen up!!!
    1.Red epaulettes only disappeared for the RN (LHs & POs) in 1997.
    2.Out ranking in the officer corps always has an will be driven by seniority in rank.
  17. I noticed that and commented to my wife about having a poxy cornish pasty on his head. She looked at me with that typical "what's so important about that" look. I explained to her how us bootnecks would spend ages shapeing the Green Beret as it was a source of massive pride. You never saw a Bootneck with a crap beret.

    Then she decided to talk houses for the next 20minutes (were in the process of moving) and I missed the start of the programme so decided not to bother with it. Shame, as it seems as if I may have missed a good show.

  18. Yes, the Marine was wearing the beret like a Sea Cadet, but why do TV/Movies always make somebody "on guard" look like a statue and stare into mid-space? Do they think they're as daft as the (Buck House type) Guards?

    The badges thing - it's meant to be 1981, and the red WOULD be worn on the shoulder by LH and PO - CPOs wore the gold(en). But I'm sure some were wearing the newer Warfare Branch badge rather than their old RP/UC/UW badges, though they got the LRO right. Just what I meant about a mix of accuracy and glaring errors.

    And I'm sure it was an Italian boat.
  19. based on a story about an american sub according to my brother-in-law.
    Did anyone else notice Filfla in the opening sequence? Was that bit filmed therefore at Ghar Lapsi?. Still, makes a change as most portrayals are brit made into yank :lol:
  20. So it seems.

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