Ghost Force - Falklands 2011

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by alhucoll, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Just read "Ghost Force" by Patrick Robinson (biographer of Sandy Woodward), a pretty good book like his others, but could it happen?
    A military run down by Left wing governments to the point that it is ineffectual, ministers more worried by bad publicity than the real facts..........

    "America, Britain, and Russia are drawn into a battle for a gigantic oil strike on the desolate Falkland Islands in Patrick Robinson's newest international thriller.

    The year is 2011, and Russia is poised to help Argentina blast its way into the Falkland Islands, to hurl the ruling British out of the South Atlantic forever. Enraged at this act of international piracy, Great Britain dispatches a battle fleet to the islands for the second time in thirty years.

    Little do they realize that Russia's lethal Akula-class submarine, Viper 157, stuffed to the gunwales with ship-killing torpedoes, lies in wait for the Royal Navy aircraft carrier, which is transporting the British fighter-bomber air force.

    The United States, under the indomitable Admiral Arnold Morgan's stern eye, unleashes Navy SEALs to hammer Argentina into submission, and in two breathtaking, clandestine missions, they smash their most expensive hardware -- guided-missile warships and an entire fighter aircraft strike group.

    The SEALs must make a death-defying parachute drop into the freezing ocean, hit the battlefield in total secret, and obliterate their enemy -- all in lethal silence . . . a ruthless, terrible attack carried out by a U.S. ghost force. . . .

    This is classic Patrick Robinson -- spine-tingling suspense, harrowing action, and intricately researched detail, all set against the backdrop of an uncanny "what if?" scenario. "

    A very good read that gets you thinking - well worth the time.
    Edit - The oil strikes mentioned are a fact.
  3. I finished it a week ago and must say that after initially liking it (especially the criticisms of scrapping the Sea Harrier!) I soon got frustrated by the huge number of mistakes. His earlier books had the help of Sandy Woodward, but given the political sensitivities of this book he decided to write it alone, big mistake!

    Here are some errors I noticed in his book:

    Type 45s firing Sea Dart.
    Type 45s and Type 42s or even Type 23s seem incapable of hitting Argie bombs or the aircraft carrying them.
    RN has only one Bay Class ship.
    RN submarines seem to only consist of two Astutes.
    No RN warship has Phalanx or Goalkeeper.
    CVS aren't carrying Sea King Whiskeys with the advanced radar.
    Etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    It seems that he had a script worked out and didn't let the facts get in the way.

    That said, I did like all the criticisms of Labour in it!
  4. Oh come on ! I know you have to suspend reality which ever fiction book you read - but this is SO far fetched to be totally ludicrous.

    A "battle fleet" - ho ho ho !

    The whole of the RN is already classed as a "Flotilla" - by 2011, um, what is the collective noun for a number of pedaloes ?
  5. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    I read Kilo Class by the same author. Now I'm no submariner, but I found it to be the biggest cartload of donkeybollocks this side of the ******* black stump.


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