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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RNCIS, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Silly question but one I have been thinking about.

    Say your on tour and your car is due for MOT how do you get it done? I mean if I have left it at a base in the UK and I am not in the UK when it is due?

  2. To leave it in any base (dockyard long term car park) you need to have current tax and insurance and Mot. If it is due to run out whilst away, you need to arrange for someone to renew it. Alternatively, there is nothing to stop you getting a new MOT test in advance of the due date to ensure it wont run out.
  3. You either get a mate to arrange for it to be done, or leave it until you get back. leaving it of course means that you will not be able to drive it until the MOT has been carried out.
    So how do you get on leave using your car.
    1. Arrange for the car (in writing) to be tested at your local MOT testing station.
    2. Ensure that the car is insured to drive (no need for road tax.
    3. Drive the car from base to the MOT station. Drive directly there by the best route (no detours to drop a mate off or screw your oppo's girlfriend).
    4. have the car MOT carried out.
    5. Drive the car home.
    The car can legally be driven without road tax but with insurance to an MOT station, as far as I am aware it does not have to be the nearest one or within a set radius. The car may also be driven from the MOT station home. However if it had failed on major safety grounds this would not be advisable.

    Of course the other way is to get the car MOT before leaving for your assignment, even if the MOT does have six months to run.
  4. Is a base private land? If so then there should be no problem with getting it done when you get back.
    However given the way things are going with plod I'd make a booking now for it to be done pretty sharpish when you get.
    That way you can prove you were away and had every intention of getting done as soon as you get back.
    Perhaps it may be possible to declare it off road while you are away.
    Those who polish seats and keyboards for a living may well not have thought about your situation.
    I do not believe you can have your MOT done too far in advance.
  5. You can have your MOT carried out whenever or however often you like, however, it only remains valid for one year from the date of issue.

    For the purposes of Road Traffic legislation it has to be on a road or other public place before civvy plod can deal with you - behind the gates on military land is NOT a road or other public place, but you will have to check with the Reggies about their enforcement of legislation and powers.

    You can drive your vehicle to a PRE-ARRANGED MOT if the MOT/Tax has expired but, from memory, the exemption DOES NOT cover your journey back if the vehicle fails the MOT. PRE-ARRANGED means exactly that - you cannot use one of those "MOT while you wait" places unless you have made a specific time/date appointment for this exemption in law.

    With ever increasing technology available to plod, you stand a damn good chance of getting stopped, unless you are only driving a very short distance from base to test center, so best have all your existing docs and time/date/location of test appointment to hand so it can be verified at the roadside.

    Hope this helps
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  7. Nice to see you are thinking ahead RNCIS, but as you probably have some months to go before getting into the mob, followed by a period of shore side training I would not let it bother you too much just yet.
  8. Thanks everyone for all your advice :) Made me feel alot better on that side of things lol
  9. As far as I am aware, a vehicle must have the appropriate documentation prior to bringing it onto MOD property. This includes being in date whilst absent. Either park the vehicle at home on private property - SORN'd if necessary, OR make arrangements to have the relevant documentation updated when required.

    Contact DVLA - they are the experts - I am not a legal/vehicle expert.
  10. You really must work this out before you go anywhere.

    There is now 'Continuous Registration', and that means that you have to continuously have Tax, Insurance and an MoT if the vehicle is on the road, and MoD property is classed as the highway.

    The only way you can get out of the 'continuous' registration is to SORN you car and keep it on private land.

    This is one of Browns specials to get more money out of motorists. If your car is outside your door and an unexpected bill cropped up, you can no longer say, 'I will not use the car this month and I will insure or MoT the car next month', that will get you an £80 penalty charge from the DVLA.

    Check with the traffic office in your base and with the DVLA and ask what there policy is for service personel whos documents expire while they are away.

    If you don't do this, you will have a debt collection agency ringing and writing demanding payment and then a court summons.
  11. Dont have an MOT here and car tax for the year is about $35..........thats what 18 [email protected]!
  12. That's because everything here is geared to making money, and I mean 'everything'.
    If it's a government department then there are penalties on the end of it all, you can get a parking ticket now without any observation, so the very second the ticket expires - zap.

    All since ****** brown and his shits have been in.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    But you don't have to own a car - if you can't afford one, then don't own one. Economics is simple when you remove emotion from the equation... :thumright:
  14. I think the best thing to do would be to sell my car and then just rent one when I come home.
  15. Ok, lets remove the emotion (not that there was any).

    This government taxes the crude that comes out of the North Sea with a 50% corporation tax, it then charges another 70% on the refined product at the pumps.
    This is pushing up the cost of transport in all it's forms, the hauliers have to increase the cost of delivering our food, the buses have to put up the cost of fares, (so much for using public transport), and the airlines have to slap on a fuel surcharge.
    Because this is a percentage tax, there are greater increases with every rise.

    He has rejected the abolition of the 2p per ltr increase in the autumn, so this 2p will also increase by 70%.

    So it's not just the man in the street and his car that are affected.

    Knocking off the 10% tax rate increased by 100% the rate at which those who earn up to £7,665 pay, and increased by scale the rate at which all up to £34,600 pay.

    The vat paid on gas and electricity is a percentage, so that means the tax on everyone has increased with the increases in domestic fuel.

    Taxes have been introduced on a myriad of things that it wasn't charged on before 1997.

    When an increase in taxes is proposed, the inflation rate quoted is higher than the rate quoted for those wanting a pay increase.

    Tax has been introduced on all forms of insurance.

    Passports are now £72 by post or £114 if you attend. It's £13 extra just to be supplied with a passport with some extra blank pages in.

    I read a report not so long ago from one of those big wig financial institutions that the average taxpayer in this country pays out 78% of his pay in taxes taking in all forms including tv licence.

    He continually hits the less well off as apposed to the well off.
    There was to be no increase in road tax by emissions for cars built before 2001, that was stated in the budget, and yet he has now gone back on that and the tax rates apply to all. He didn't announce that though, it was just slipped through.

    So it's not really if you can't afford a car don't have one.
  16. If your ego extends to eradicating third world poverty, which you state as being your intention in your non elected victory speech, and that you also promise Britain will fund this revolution, then bugger me you need money from everywhere. So guess what, standy by to get taxed at every possible opportuntiy. Gordon I understand your sentiments and logic about removing the appalling poverty in Africa but would you please focus on sorting out the shite this country is facing, and cos this is RR please prioritise on kitting out the kids who are currently doing the bidding of your Government in shit holes various. I personally don't feel inclined to fund your egotistical place in history.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Passports? Gas? Electric? Taxes? WTF has that got to do with the MOT of the original question, which is a legal requirement to ensure roadworthiness of a vehicle? And - without labouring the point - I will repeat my point, which you neglected to address when you edited my previous post: you don't HAVE to have a car! :?
  18. I think you may find that in this day and age though you don't have to have a car, life without one could be extremely difficult. Many live twenty or more miles from their place of work, and often there is no public transport. Those living in villages frequently do not have adequate public transport available for school, medical and shopping requirements.
    Public transport was killed or at least mortally wounded by the car, however until it improves a car is still to many a necessity rather than a luxury.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Slim: I'm not disputing your points, but they are different issues in relation to the original question in relation to MOTs (and for the record, failure to have a vehicle with a valid MOT on MOD land may result in the vehicle being removed. Notwithstanding that, it may also invalidate the owner's insurance policy should the vehicle become damaged while he is deployed. I know from experience that some 'Dockyard Employees' would take pleasure from trashing matelot's cars in the long-stay car parks in Pompey a few years ago...) :evil:

    However in response to your post, I do not agree that the car has killed public tranport - the public have killed public transport, by failing to support it through lack of use. It has been neglected I agree, but not by the companies that own them - what company would do that? But many people use their cars for pointless and unnecessary journeys, resulting in congestion, frustration of drivers/passengers and pedestians, excessive carbon emissions and a chronic waste of fossil fuels. The recent thread on here about car parking in supermarkets raised much the same points in a similar vein.

    We have to drastically rethink how we use vehicles - private and public - if we want to prevent the potential gridlock that will inevitably bring chaos to our transport networks, and we have to do something about it now. Do we NEED to drive to work, when we can walk or cycle? Do we NEED to get frustrated when we're stuck at traffic lights? Do we NEED to drive like maniacs in excess of the speed limit, when we can take the same journey without stress using alternative means?

    I agree that my suggestions may sound a little simplistic and old-fashioned, but I seriously believe that we have to reconsider our attitude to the car. I am not "anti-car", but you just have to stand beside a road (any road) and count the number of single-occupancy vehicles. How can 5 people working in the same office arriving in 5 different cars be better than each person taking turns to collect their colleagues and making one journey? If everyone used alternative lateral solutions then it's a start, at least. From litte acorns... :oops:
  20. I already posted about the original question

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