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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sega20, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone, wondering if anyone could give me some advice.

    I passed all my tests and go to Raleigh in 6 weeks.
    Normally I can do the 2.4 run in 12 mins and can run continuously for about an hour, but if I try and speed up my run I cant seem to do it.

    Its like I got some kind of mental block.

    I go down the gym 4 days a week and always work on cardio.
    Im also road running as well.

    Any help would be appreciated. :D
  2. Just run you ******* mong. Pretend your daddys cock is at the finish line throbing for you.
  3. `

    Im good thanks... if thats your incentive then be my guest.

    Anyone got some real advice?
  4. running on a treadmill bores the shit out of me, but i can still push myself to a faster time, try harder
  5. just visualise not getting in the RN due to slow time, that should do it! :wink:
  6. Sega,

    I'd suggest getting some hills in on your road runs and also some intervals. Google Fartlek if you haven't heard of it. Also are you warming up enough? I find I take ages to get my legs warmed up.

    Another good thing is if you can get a running partner who is just that bit fitter than you to spur you on. I went on a run with a PT the other week and was amazed at my time, (although I did feel like passing out afterwards :oops: )

  7. Set your incline to 1 then progress up to 2.... (go up to 3 after 3 weeks maybe if you can hack it) Do all your running on that and work on quickest times.

    When you start running for real on a flat surface you realise the difference and will smash out the 1.2 mile times :p

    More Oats, brown rice/bread in your diet and make sure your eating more anyway. Look at the diet on the RN website for extra energy

    And it's running mate, just pick your i pod up and get f'ucking moving
  8. Thanks for the advice guys.
    Ill try the suggestions you gave and keep you posted :D

  9. Normally I don't bother with replying to these threads, but today I think I will. The fact that so many people going to Raleigh are worried about achieving a standard of fitness that should be a given for someone their age grips my shit. However, I'm not going to flash.

    I'm assuming you're young. If you're doing cardio 4 times a week and you still take 12 minutes to run 2.4km, then you're quite simply not trying hard enough. 'Can't seem to speed up my run'? Try moving your legs faster and taking bigger strides. I'm only just on the right side of 40 and I have never taken anywhere near 12 mins to run 2.4k. It might not be advice that you want to hear, but if you want to run faster then knuckle down and try harder. Simple.

    There are plenty of running websites where you can get advice on how to improve your times. Maybe you should try them.
  10. Why does everyone worry about the fitness, have you seen some of the people that join the Navy.

    I had to edit this post....

    One word........FAIL
  11. Doesnt matter what your time is like when running on your own, when you have 3 PTI's and your div staff shouting abuse at you at various points on the run to "move your fat arse" and "you wont pass out of Raleigh you may as well give up", your time will come down.
  12. Just shift your arse and move faster. If you feel like you're gonna puke then just run it off :thumright:

  13. 8O 8O 8O

    Now you mention it I do imagine someone shouting at me to help me spurr myself on.

    I spoke to a trainer and they mentioned it might all be in my head...
  14. I'm at Raleigh now, suprised by how unfit/fat some people are. One lad in my group couldn't even do a single press-up, failed the swimming test and the 2.4 km run. You will be put on remedials if you fail, which means you have less time for kit and other stuff and people will think you are a bit of a loser. 6 weeks is enough time to lose a minute on your 2.4km but if you don't push your self you gain nothing in fitness, some disipline and determination is key here.
  15. If you seem to have some sort of mental block. (given the amount of phys you claim to be doing that can only be the case). Run with someone else, no talking, cursing or feck all. concentrate soley on keeping up with them. Do not use any kind of timing device on your way. Only check your time at the end. On my very first "Rock race" I was still malighters. Only by focusing on the guy in front (WEM JONES) did I manage to finish. How much do you really want to join? No phoney excuses or injuries, just get on with it.
  16. Do some milage with a backpack full of sand or 2 litre bottles filled with water. When you take it off you'll find it easier to get a better pace. What's your diet like?
  17. Gibberish.
  18. Bollocks.
  19. Just run faster. Job done.

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