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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by babystew, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. after reading through today's threads and hardly understanding a thing thats being written .i think i'm either to old , senile, thick or just plain stupid. as an ex d e submariner i cant get my head round what people are saying,
    whats a jpa. ftrs.psis. anyone know a R.N site where they talk old english. not romft can't stick it.
    posted in wrong forum i am senile !
  2. often thought the same about these "OKAY " phrases myself lets go back to Queens English!! :thumright:
  3. Queens English from a Scouser? I don't believe it. :w00t:
  4. JPA = JOINT PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION (self administering computerised personnel and pay system)
    PSI's - PERMANENT STAFF INSTRUCTORS(attached to RNR units)
    FTRS - FULL TIME RESERVE SERVICE ( Temporary RN contracts for ex RN or RNR Personnel)
  5. Perhaps acronyms like this could be added to the RRpedia section.
  6. They should be banned along with stupid mobile phones when out walking the valleys and mountains. " Hello darling we are just walking through this lovely valley blah blah" and young kids driving daddies fecking 4x4 tawts.
  7. And yakkers all speak with plums in their mouths Slim?? o_O :dwarf:
  8. Why Aye Man :thumright:
  9. Babystew, you're no alone in being confused. Perhaps the newbies need a sharp rap across their proverbial knuckles by Karma! :twisted:
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    lol,,,,acronyms drive everyone crazy. If you can't understand them it doesn't mean your to old for RR. The sniff test is the only proven method of determining whether its time to shutdown. Sniff sniff you stink of piss.
  11. I couldn't agree more. Everyone seems to speak alphabet soup these days. How can we old salts be expected to know the meaning of such cryptic new-fangled abbreviations as ADAWS, AMP, B13, CAAIS, CEP, CPA, CQR, CRS, CSB, CTP, DCI, DTS, FFO, FOD, FMG, FTM, GCB, LCT, LEP, LOA, LOP, LS&GC, LTO, ME7, MRS3, MTB, OOD, PPE, PPI, RBG, RDP, RPO, SMP, SOS, SSD, SSK, SSP, etc? Where will it all end? :dontknow:

    My point is that we've always used acronyms in the RN. It's just that new ones are being added all the time.
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    When using acronyms in the RN the author should type in full the meaning before using the acronym. For example "The piss stained old farts run this site. Many PSOF don't have a clue about the modern navy". When studing for my unit ticket I had a few photocopied pages of acronyms from various publications.
  13. could you translate for me all the time. oppo :thumright:
  14. As the site admin there,whats is wrong with ROMFT?I am only asking so we can make the site better.Cheers.
  15. People that can`t stand ROMFT haven`t really given it a try, they prefer the PC world and seeing the power of the Moderators, I look on RR as the Fleet and ROMFT as a ship with it`s own company, but everyone to their own, if you find anything wrong with ROMFT that you don`t like, why not go on there and say so, instead of bleating about it on here? At least it has free speech.
  16. to andym having logged into romft for the second time today, the majority of post's are old , of couurse this has nothing to do with the site only it's members , i'm more interested in the submariners threads (allecto collonade ) and romft's does nothing for me.

    hig the pig, having been a member of romft since 23rd august 2007 , i think that i have given it a fair go. as for bleating about it i mentionted that i was looking for a r.n site ,but not romft as i can't stick it. and seeing that you have been a member since 14th august 2007 our logged in times are 1 minute apart.
  17. BS, if you have been out the loop for so long that you do not get the gist of what is being said. I would suggest reading more posts just to get back into Jack speak and the dreaded abbreviations. BZ if you can keep up. See ya just about to go deep FTI give me shake HWDWLs !!! :thumright:

  18. Well in answer to the bit about the age of posts,we are currently running at 116.59 posts a day and 13.54 new threads a day.In june we had 3101 ew posts and 482 new topics so your argument doesnt stand up.As to the interest in Submarines,forums no matter what they are only live if they are used and posted in.We are a totally different site to RR and ARRSE as we try to be a "cyber Messdeck" rather than an unofficial RN site for newbies and other interested parties.
  19. So shit for brains who are you? you are not registered on ROMFT as Baby stew, If you are interested in Submariner things then why dont you post someting in there that will stimulate interest that you desire. Are we really all too old on ROMFT? some people may be pissed off with that remark, Most of all, that timbershiftingdrugdealingdraftdodgingtotspillingtwatofacunt.

    Edited to state that the scabby in question set the site up with money that his great grandmother left him.
  20. WHAT Did he use all of the six shillings and eleven pence three farthings?

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