Getting to Collingwood from Pompey

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by dan_c, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Quick one,

    Does anyone know the best way to get from Pompey to Collingwood on public transport? I've got a holdover there as i've biffed my leg, can't drive or cycle. Taxi's look like they'll cost a fortune.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. From what I can see the first bus doesn't get to Collingwood til 0845 (unless i'm missing something). Should have mentioned I need to be there for 0800.
  3. How did we ever get back for call the hands off the Gosport ferry to St Vincent, Sultan, Daedalus and Collingwood, on a Monday morning ???.:sad:
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  4. I'm biffed so I can't walk or cycle that's the problem. Looks like it will have to be a taxi. Cheers for your help.
  5. What you need my son is Cock Lodgings.
    Go to grab a granny the night before, trap, back to her place and then walk to Collingrad. Just make sure she has a gaff in Fareham.:jocolor:
  6. Bus from the hard to fareham? Probably takes about a million hours and not sure what time it gets in, however might be useful :p
  7. So, two suggestions of "walk" and one of "buy a bike", which bit of "I've got a biffed leg" couldnt you translate :glasses3::banghead:
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  8. No pissing up for you got to save for a taxi:walk:
  9. If I was going to Collingwood, I wouldn't start from Portsmouth.

  10. nothing about walking in the OP :roll:
  11. What does biffed mean...exactly? And anyway it's not ours or the Navy's problem. If you can't get there for 0800 you'll just have to live onboard during the week.

  12. This is where (I'm going to need a shower after saying this) the crabs have it right! You have until 4pm to turn too on your first day. Unless things have changed?
  13. This isn't communist China you know
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    IIRC there used to be a Pusser's Bus doing the rounds from NELSON....

  15. I think the bus only goes from Collingwood to Pompey, could be wrong though.
  16. What have you done to your leg, Dan?

  17. Can't you read Soliel...........................He has Biffed it:compress:

  18. Thank you I feel dirty and deserve it :)
  19. There is a bus that runs from Nelson to Collingrad, the earliest bus leaves from 6am, but you'll need to give the dockyard a call on 02392 720120 and pressing the appropriate keys to get to the information line.
    The timings may have changed since I was last there in 2011 and it might now mean needing to change at Excellent.
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  20. Another quick one:

    Any news, Hop-a-long Chastity?:smilebox:

    Are we there yet?
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