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Hello royals & shippers,

I hope someone can help me with some info and advice. I’m an ex bootneck and have applied to rejoin the Corps after a four year break. The offer for rejoining is for me to retrain as an LC3 and be posted to 47 CDO (Devonport).

I am now in a relationship which meets the new eligibility criteria for LTR(E). We’ve been cohabiting in a private tenancy for 18 months. She wants to move down with me so we live nearby to my posting. I have painstakingly trawled through the JSP on service accommodation and I understand that we would be eligible to apply to live in surplus SFA but hold no entitlement.

My question is, what is the likelihood of there being surplus SFA available in the Plymouth area? Is it a realistic possibility or is there barely enough available for entitled ranks? I did call Pinnacle housing and the lady I spoke to said they can go out as far as a 50 mile radius from the posting so she sounded quite confident we could find something. However, I would love to hear from those with experience in actually applying for and living in SFA as to their thoughts on this?

I also note this quote from the JSP
those in an LTR(E), for whom single living accommodation is available, may apply to occupy surplus SFA in accordance with the following criteria (the eligibility will not normally apply to RN personnel in the Port Areas):”

What exactly is meant by the port areas? Is this saying we won’t be able to apply for surplus SFA in Plymouth but we can elsewhere within the 50 mile radius? Is this specifically RN personnel or RM personnel as well?

Apologies for all the bone questions but any help would me very much appreciated.

Thank you,

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