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Discussion in 'RMR' started by TheRust, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Alright lads...

    This weekend is gonna be my first weekend away with the RMR. Ive been told were getting issued our kit... just wondering if anybody can tell me specifically what we'll be getting? sorry for such a silly question.
    Also a few of the lads have been saying something about 'Shaping your Beret' i was just wondering is this essential/how do you do it?? It has something to do with hot water or something.... havent really got a clue if you could also shed some light on that for me?

    take it easy
  2. alright rust, thought id take your advice and actualy post lol. i know it was me who went on about the old beret in the first place but i shall answer you anyway lol.
    yes you will need to mould your beret, stick it in cold water then hot water then put it on an fiddle with it untill it looks good, then let it dry on your head. if you dont do this it will look like your wearing a mushroom.


    about 4 sets of cs 95 rig (combat pants/shirt)
    2 combat jackets
    a pair of combat boots
    a pair of drill boots
    a drill jumper
    about 4 drill shirts (lovat shirts)
    drill pants (lovat/barack dress trousers)
    a normal beret
    a drill beret
    2 gay biker t shirts (field t shirts)
    a green belt
    a corps pattern belt
    warmers tops (fleece/norgie)
    a set of leather gloves/ a set of contact gloves
    a poncho
    a bergin
    a set of webbing
    a day sack
    a sleepingbag/ bivvie bag
    a combat helmat
    combat body armour
    a compass/ protractor
    a wash role
    a weapons cleaning kit
    2 green towels
    2 mess tins
    2 water bottles
    a field metal mug
    i think thats all there may be more, also im not sure on wether you get issued pt rig/ hightech silver shadow trainers.
  3. Here's a snippet that someone posted, it was on this forum but not sure what section - sound advise!

    1) Get a brand new issue beret (non-issue are the best but cost a bit)
    Remove the clear plastic diamond shape thing from the lining.
    2) Fill a kettle to the brim and boil it.
    3)Put beret in a bowl and pour the boiling water over it and let it soak.
    4) Whilst soaking the beret ,fill up the kettle again and boil.
    5) Once the beret is cool enough to handle fill bowl with cold water and soak the beret until kettle has boiled.
    6) Drain away cold water and imerse the beret in the boiling water.
    7) Repeat this Hot Cold process 3 times.
    Your beret should have shrunk,thus allowing you to shape your beret on your head.
    9) Place on your bonce, ensuring the beret badge location is slightly to the left hand edge of your left eye( it looks smarter).
    10) Pull down the right hand edge of the beret ,so that the berets edge is no lower than a few mm over the tip of your right ear(any further you will look like an army cadet and you will need to re-shrink it)
    11) Remove the beret from your head and place on a radiator to dry.
    12) When its dry re-fit your shiny beret badge and test drive your newly shaped beret.

    Points to note.
    At no time when wearing a beret is the back of the beret to be sat lower on your head than the front.

    Your beret is always to be parallel with your shoulders (otherwise it looks like dads army)

    Beret badge''creep'' is the situation where everytime you put your beret on your head ,the badge ''creeps'' slightly to the left .This is acceptable as lonf as it doesnt go to far round your head.also if the ''joss'' sees it your on your own.

    In summary,the way you shape and wear your beret says a lot about you. so if you look a complete [email protected] in it ,well guess what ???? Have a bit of pride in it .We must stamp out the RN's reputation of being crap beret wearers. I am sick of the lads in my troop saying to me whenever we are anyway near sailors in berets ''sgt [email protected]@@@s when you were in the Navy did your beret look as [email protected] as that bunch of matelots there''

    Things you must have:-
    Polish equipment, cherry blossom polish only, brushes and a tooth bursh for getting right in!
    Good razor and Gel -usual
    Flip flops if not already got them.
    2 x Paddle lock, get the number type, then you can't lose the key. (They maybe issued?)
    A4 notebook, Pen and Pencil this is for Classroom notes.
    Washing powder - do all your green dobi at the Det.
    Good hair cut! Aim to impress.

    If you can push the boat out - get an Iron, Iron board and a 4 gang extension plug!

    Take a pillow with you - not to bite in to!

    A good saying "Buy cheap, buy twice" so when you go to buy items ie map case, pencil, torch all the usual essentials ensure you go for quality!

    Hope this helps?

  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You don't have to keep the beret on your head whilst immersing it in the boiling water :afro:
  5. :lol: That would be rather painful.....

    Wahey, Sabbo has joined!!

    That looks like a lot of kit lads, i thought we'd only get a bit of it because were reserves!?
  6. Are you taking the urine??? Half the gear, we may be rubbers but you still need the same equipment!

    Know face the mirror and repeat after me "I am a twat"
    Now slap your dish.

  7. your a charmer you mate, im not a twat, im just curious you gobshite
    can we have less of the stupid pricks giving shit because questions are asked.

    love Rust
  8. Think Harry (the trained rank) was in fact joking mate. I have noticed that you tend to take things to heart such as people calling the RMR dads army or rubbers, or indeed refering to you as a twat which i think was a bit of a joke.
    If you cant take a bit of banter on the internet mate then i suggest you go and join the Paras as at the moment they have a major sense of humour failure due to not being able to jump out of serviceable aircraft.

    NB (another ex trained rank with GSOH)
  9. Me too to be honest mate, I wasn't issued half of that in my Army full time basic training.

    I've got a little bit of kit lying around at home; a rifle cleaning kit & roll of rag, burgen, belt, NBC inner glovers (!!?), camo washbag, bits and peices like that.

    Excellent, saw some VERY suspect beret-wearing when we were trying them on last week. :)

    In the army, most of us pulled the lining out of our berets, I presume that will be a crucifiable offence!!?
  10. Also, do we need phys kit this weekend? I will ask tomorrow anyway but worth knowing I guess!
  11. mate i can take a joke, i just asked a question and he gave a bit of a smart arse answer. moving on.....
  12. are you in ManDet dude? also, sorry for flippin, just does me head in thats all. :afro:
  13. Me? Yeah I'm ManDet mate, you?
  14. I know this is a website. But it works both ways mate. Respect the advice of those that have been through CTC on here, and learn to take it on the chin a bit more.

    You'll be surprised. Those with the inner bollox to get even through Phase 1, will be the ones who can grow a set, take info on board, sort their admin, sort their phys.... and take it on the chin without gobbing off. Take nothing personally, and just stay switched on with your cake hole shut, punch your cnut out in everything, and you'll pass Phase 1.

    Now. The skills required in response to this post are; absorbtion, understanding. Here endeth etc..

    Good luck to you all. :thanks:
  15. Good to see you posting on here Sabbo.
    Will see you tomorrow at the last holding troop.. Should be fun.....
  16. Advice taken..... ^_^;
  17. Im in LivDet mate, was you down LivDet for your PRMC?
    What Syndicate was you in? I was in Syndicate 1. Was a good laugh wasnt it?
  18. a few things i forgot rust lol:

    gortex pants/jacket/sox
    scrim scarf
    long johns
    ho chi min thermal trousers
    a few bungies/ utility straps

    a locker lol
    and so on, not sure if they issue a sense of humour or not though, wate out on that one :thumleft:



  20. the rust you need to learn to chill out your getting all anti keep the head up and smile dont be nobber

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