Getting more RR gongs


War Hero
Sumo recently asked why a few of us have more/different coloured Gongs next to our Avatar.

I replied "Cash for honours" and realise that reply might have come across as a bit flippant to the unknowing.
But..... it really is cash for honours, if anyone wants a bit more bling just click on the link, make a donation and stand back in awe as you look at your shiny new medal... :) :clap:

Navy Net - Navy and Marine Community - DonationsPro - Donations
Yeah Sumo; we originally wanted you and Stirling but neither of you responded to our PMs, so we had to go with those two nuggets... :roll:
Must have missed that or the post lost my mail, you check your out box and ill check the junk, but to be honest not seen
Anything from the Prime Minister's office, David must be slacking?:rabbit:

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